Marsh Series Rd2 – Stats Review – Games 1 to 3

Written by on March 9 2020

Again straight into it.  There will be far more detailed analysis coming over the next couple of weeks before the first bounce.


Game 1:  ADE v GCS

Game time: 121.9 minutes

Notable Absentees:

ADE: Mackay, Knight and Doedee

GCS: Witts, Miles, Hanley, Harbrow and Ballard

Stats Ranked by $/PPM


Jeremy SHARP looked a little more composed this week.  GCS could be our rookie saviours this year.  As could ADE with CROCKER and DAVIS both producing decent enough numbers to consider on- and off-field options respectively.

Of the underpricers, Brodie SMITH looked right at home zoning off between DEF and MID and getting plenty of it.  Darcy MacPHERSON just looks better every game.


Game 2:  HAW v MEL

Game time: 115.28 minutes

Notable Absentees:

HAW: Henderson, Gunston, Hardwick and Impey

MEL: Salem, Mitch Brown and Preuss

Stats Ranked by $/PPM


Luke JACKSON scored 71 in a second-half where he replaced Gawn as first RUC.  Impressive, but he won’t get this role in week 1.  Toby BEDFORD played a decent cameo too.  Am still watching CJ like a HAW.  Again he impresses.

The underpricers we should be looking at are CEGLAR as 1st RUC, but will he retain it?  TOMLINSON being given more opportunity on a wing and outside continues to impress.  Angus BRAYSHAW could be so good if given those inside minutes, but will he be?  Petrappa anyone?!


Game 3:  PTA v WBD

Game time: 122.37 minutes

Notable Absentees:

PTA: Wines, Ladhams and Watts

WBD: Libba, Duryea and Naughton

Stats Ranked by $/PPM


The rookie cupboard was pretty bare in this game, with only GEORGIADES probably doing enough to retain his spot for Rd1.  Not sure I’d want him near my field though!

Lienert would be a trap going FWD to kick two goals and superinflate his SC score.  Bailey WILLIAMS on the other hand, is another who continues to impress me; super talented.  Is priced very awkwardly and also has the impressive Crozier alongside him and Caleb DANIEL having a quiet game.  Would love to hear people’s thoughts on him.


Games 4-6 will be up tomorrow morning and Games 7-9 tomorrow lunchtime.  I will also post the incomplete CBA (centre bounce attendance) and KI (kick-in) numbers as and when available.


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3 thoughts on “Marsh Series Rd2 – Stats Review – Games 1 to 3”

  1. I’ll have 10 different blokes rotating through my F3 slot 100 times a day before lockout in 10 days Such a headache.. brayshaw, MacPherson, Steven, lipinski, parish & Petracca being the main culprits….

    TU: Steven (F4) push dev to F5 & noble (D4)
    TD: Houston (D4) & Curtis taylor (F6)


    1. Steven & noble
      Just hope Steven stays on the park if so will average near the same as Houston & nobles JS is better than Curtis you’d think?
      Also Houston has that ugly bye so pick him up post R11 if he looks good still



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