Marsh Series Rd2 – Stats Review – Games 7 to 9

Written by on March 10 2020

Herewith, the final batch of Marsh Series statistics.  Enjoy!


Game 7: CAR v BRL

Game Time: 123.967 minutes

Notable Absentees:


BRL: Ellis-Yolman and Christensen

Match Stats ranked by $/PPM


Can’t help thinking that DE KONING, ROBERTSON and STARCEVICH are simply not best 22 and therefore come with very low JS.

Zac BAILEY looked very good on a wing and our media man up there rates his chances highly of retaining that SC-friendly role!  It’s his to lose. Sam LOCHERTY has to be in the frame after this performance.  Do we need to ask ourselves if BRL have again rubbed their magic potion, this year on Grant BIRCHALL who if he can stay fit, looks a decent pick.

Will Fagan continue to rotate Zorko and MCCLUGGAGE off HFF and through the inside, or will McCluggage go back to a pure wing role when the real stuff starts?  I can’t answer it, but it’s enough to put me off when Sam WALSH is likely to produce similar numbers for a lesser dollar investment.


Game 8: NTH v SYD

Game Time: 123.883 minutes

Notable Absentees:

NTH: Ben BROWN and Mason WOOD

SYD: Franklin, Hewett (and S.Reid)

Match Stats ranked by $/PPM


Thank you Curtis TAYLOR, while I don’t expect you to produce those numbers every week, surely you’ve cemented a spot for Rd1, but PLEEASE keep it up so we don’t see you dropped for the imminent return of Ben BROWN!  Jack MAHONY also caught the eye.  XERRI would be great too but don’t rate his chances I’m afraid come season proper.  Dylan STEPHENS doesn’t look good enough at his inflated price and am hoping that Horse had already seen enough in Marsh1 to not play GOULD this week.  Probably not.

NAISMITH remains a viable cash-generating R2, but what happens if you pick him and the man made of glass shatters into a thousand pieces?  You’ll need a back-up plan!  While James ROWBOTTOM was impressive early, I think there may be other MID/FWDs ahead of him in that price-range.  But he could surprise.  The clumsy BONAR disappointed, while HEENEY looks underdone and could be a nice Fallen Premium when Buddy returns and the price is right.  If the stars align, then all the better!


Game 9: GEE v ESS

Game Time: 115.25 minutes

Notable Absentees:

GEE: Duncan, Selwood and Cam GUTHRIE

ESS: Heppell, Hooker, Stringer, McKenna (and Mitch HIBBERD)

Match Stats ranked by $/PPM


The Thatch went BerZerk!  He looks great and has to be first DEF rookie picked based on last season and his Marsh Series performances.  Darcy FORT (who knows what SCOTT will do with his RUC options this year … if he keeps his job) could be a gem of a pick, watching Stanley bound around the ground like some sort of collapsed ironing board.  Who knows?!  Zach GUTHRIE, not to be confused with Cam, has also shown signs in both Marsh games and has an SC-friendly game (high kick:hb ratio, good DE and tackles!).

STEVEN SMITH is back and could be a hero throughout Winter as well as Summer!  I’m liking Jacob TOWNSEND too.  Jordan RIDLEY was a trap last year after scintillating SC scores in the JLT and he’s gone and surpassed those numbers this year.  It would take a very brave man (don’t call me stupid!) to entertain such an idea!  How quick is Tom CUTLER?  Loved his second-half cameo too!

Anyone else think the Cats are in trouble?  I know it’s only the Marsh Series, but that was woeful.

That’s all for now folks.  There will be full rundowns, by position and price bracket for ALL players except Premos on the merged data of the two Marsh Series rounds coming early next week I would think. 

Until then … happy planning and good luck SCTers.  I think we’re gonna need it!


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8 thoughts on “Marsh Series Rd2 – Stats Review – Games 7 to 9”

  1. I’m obviously oblivious, but I didn’t think I was colour blind. How do you score 150 and not even get a sniff at a green box?
    Generally, I adore your output (I can’t get enough stats) but either Cameron seems stiff, or I’m misreading it. It could be Column B, they don’t call me Oblivious for nothing.
    This comment aside, please keep up your sterling work, I’ve loved it this year.


      1. That is correct. Dark green = base-priced rookie, green = rookie > yellow > orange > red= premo and crimson = uber premo.


        1. Thanks for the correction guys – I did say I’m oblivious (though I didn’t say I was half-cut at the time)



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