Mid-Pricer Review – Round 1

Written by Hot Sauce on March 26 2019

The Mid-Pricers you start with would usually make or break your season. You would have had them in and out of your side plenty of times in the last few months and those of you who picked the ones that went large in round 1 are currently enjoying their ‘SC Genius’ status. Those of us who picked
those mid-pricers who failed will be questioning everything they know about the game.
Let’s take a look at the few who made a splash in round 1, for one reason or another.


Get Them In!
The players your team needs.

It’s obviously a little premature to be contemplating bringing in a Mid-pricer after one round, but as we know, a lot of us will be contemplating it, and a few may even pull the trigger. If you were inclined to do so, surely the player on top of your list would be the Eagles Dom Sheed. The 23-year-old has been in scintillating form from late last season, especially the 2018 Finals series and the JLT series and started this season with an emphatic 144 points at the Gabba.
Another who may force his way into many teams is the new Blue Nic Newman after his huge game on the big stage last Thursday night scoring 134. His 26 disposals, 12 rebound 50’s and 584 metres gained was definitely noticed. Both Christian Salem and James Worpel had eye-opening games and deserve our attention with the latter benefiting greatly from the huge hole left by Hawk superstar Tom Mitchell. Another two players tempting us are the previous SC stud Tom Rockliff and his Power teammate Travis Boak, although we should be a little more sceptical of their ability to maintain this level of output.


1. Dom Sheed (Mid; $394,100; and 15.5% ownership)
2. Nic Newman (Def; $394,100; and 7.2%)
3. James Worpel (Fwd/Mid; $395,700; and 11.4%)



Pass Mark
If you have them, keep them.

With so many mid-pricers tempting even the most seasoned coaches out there, it was a welcomed relief to see many of them score around what we hope would be their season average. Two of the most popular choices down back in Zac Williams and Brodie Smith received a tick for their efforts on the weekend scoring 82 and 81 respectively. Most would be hoping for more from these potential premo’s but the signs were positive as they were with Toby Greene and Brad Crouch from just 71% and 75% ToG.

Other Mid-pricers that performed to expectations include Wayne Milera, Jack Bowes, Anthony Miles, Jack Billings, Jade Gresham and Rory Lobb while ‘almost-premo’ Alex Witherden was exceptional against the reigning premiers. If you had any of these players you would be happy with their round 1 performance’s and will be expecting much of the same, if not a slight increase to their score.


Chopping Block
If you have them, you face a tough decision.

Yes of course it’s early. These players could very well be the toast of your team in a weeks’ time, but another performance like round 1 and these players will definitely be amongst the highest traded out players, despite their low ownership.

Scott Lycett and Paddy Ryder got off to a bad start as they learn to play alongside each other. Young potential breakouts Jayden Short and Aaron Francis disappointed, as did Orazio Fantasia and Tim English while seasoned veterans Michael Hibberd and Aaron Hall failed to impress.


Bite the Bullet
These players need to be traded. Now.


Now it’s way too early for this being just one round has been played, but unfortunately Adelaide defender Tom Doedee and Richmond superstar Alex Rance have suffered season-ending injuries and need to be traded out immediately. No other players have been added to this list, but look out from next week.


There you have it for round one, with a more detailed analysis coming for round two with another game under the players belts.


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23 thoughts on “Mid-Pricer Review – Round 1”

  1. Missed Liberatore in this write up but with a 75, it’s a pass mark for him. He actually had a really good game, it’s just that he kicked it to much (whoever thought someone would ever complain about having a good kick to handball ratio)


  2. Which Non premium defender do we predict as finishing the season with the most points? Obviously very hard to tell after one round but there are definitely some sleepers out there aside from Smith and Williams.


    1. I agree Uso, seems to be plenty of options early on. Few more weeks and the choice will surely narrow down. If I had to choose I would still say Williams at this early stage.


    2. I picked Christian Salem and Wayne Milera in my DEADteam entry for a reason. Didn’t start either in the real deal tho’.


  3. To Rance and Doedee owners, it might be pertinent to wait a week to see who the best target is and make the trade then. That’s assuming you were on track with your rookie picks.


  4. N Newman:
    Career SC Avg when disposals equal/exceed 20: 100.08 from 13 (low of 80 and a high of 151, 8/13 below 100)

    Career SC Avg when disposals below 20: 65.31 from 16 (low of 24 and a high of 90, 12/16 below 80)


    1. He’s a trap. Been around a long time now and never been relevant as a keeper. Dont get sucked in by one game. To waste a trade now, means that you think he’s a top 8 def….really ?


  5. No love for J.Steele or does his price put him beyond the midpricer bracket?
    He was having an absolute stinker of a game SCwise until the 3rd quarter but then someone clicked and he ended up with a score of 115.


    1. HPlate, he is in top top form. Fit and ready. Watching the game he could have played another quarter. I have him and believe he’ll have a breakout season. Also priced over 500k he is definitely not a mid pricer. In the funny spot between End Mid pricer and uber Premium.


  6. Two you missed as most have glossed over this week are the lion cubs.

    Witherden always gets a mention but for some reason no one talks about


    Both tonned up and super impressive

    The other one is Tomilson who also doesnt rate a mention.despite owning the game esp in first half against bombers.


    1. Your right Jim.

      If Berry or McGluggage still had M/F status I would of been all over them.

      Both capable of breaking out this year and averaging 90+
      Not quite enough for a midfield spot but they will both be SC stars in the very near future.


    2. Berry & McCluggage were high on my radar Jim amd could be excellent PODs. They continue performing and they will demand our attention.



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