Midfield Minefield

Written by MJ on August 18 2014

Our big guns are firing blanks at the least opportune moment: SC Finals. Fyfe (susp), Beams (inj), Ward (inj) and Boomer (susp) all look to be done for the H&A season, with question marks on the fitness of Pendlebury, JPK, Stevie J and Bartel.

This leaves coaches with plenty of decisions to make on the eve of Preliminary Finals.

Assuming you have trades left, which is a BIG assumption, who are you likely to bring in for the walking wounded? Listed in the poll are all fit players with season averages north of 110 points. You might have your eye on someone else though. (You’ve got 2 votes if you’re using 2 trades)

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36 thoughts on “Midfield Minefield”

  1. I have 6 of the above mentioned players but my last 2 trades don’t come close to covering them. I guess I’ll be crossing my fingers that my prelim final opponent has used all of his trades and it will come down to how many donuts we each have to cop.


  2. Undecided at the moment.

    Quick check against my opponents and they are in a similar boat… however they have ok to good bench cover in the Mids, whereas I have nothing!

    So even if they have no trades left, it’s likely they can still field a full squad, albeit with a lower projected score while I may have a doughnut or 2 depending on Pendles and Stevie J.

    In hindsight I should have paid more and traded in a playing M/F rookie last week (assuming there was one available), instead of a non-playing one, as at least it meant some bench cover, because 1 trade left and $200k in the bank may look good on paper, but it doesn’t really help me now.

    At the moment I am looking to bring in S. Martin and move one of my M/F’s in to the middle for Beams… but will hold off until lockout to see what my opponents do… unless ofcourse they are expecting the same thing from me!


  3. My current midfield consists of Rocky, Pendles, Fyfe, Beams, Selwood, Sloane, Libba, and Goddard with Spina as the swinging DPP.
    Luckily I have 2 trades to burn this week, so looking to bring in Priddis and Barlow at this stage. Also have Boomer and it looks like he’s cooked so will bring in Pav off the pine.


  4. Long time listener first time caller.

    I’m dumping Beams and JPK this week with my last two trades to try to scrape through in my cash league.

    After dropping them I can get Rocky and Priddis in with exactly $100 to spare.

    Mindful of Crowley and Geelong coming up for Rocky, Priddis I am more confident in.having seen him on the weekend.

    Guide me noble folk:

    Priddis and Rocky TU
    Priddis and Barlow TD

    Comment for Priddis and Watson/Parker



  5. Looking to trade out JPK, Ward, Beams, Pendles, Bartel, Suckling and Fyfe this week.
    Can anyone lend me some trades?


  6. KA-BOOM ….. well at least I have 3 trades left, and this will impact everyone

    Hoping Pendles is back this week and JPK the week after

    Got to dump Fyfe and Beams

    Priddis seems an easy in

    That leaves me with $644.2, damn can’t afford Rocky, but I’m concerned about the tag, so maybe that is for the best

    Who should my 2nd trade be for? Barlow, Sidebottom, Watson

    TU – Barlow
    TD – Watson
    Comments – Sidebottom

    I already have Selwood, Sloane, Libba and Goddard


  7. In the same boat as everyone else,with just the one trade left I’m basically f*****.
    Gotta get rid of beams but who for? My current mids are pendles, boak, libba, selwood, zorko, beams, Stevie j and barlow.
    With 625k to spend I’m leaning towards either Sidebottom or sloane.
    T/U Sidebottom
    T/D Sloane
    Or anyone else?


  8. Posted on the weekend that I thought I had dodged a bullet by avoiding SJ – JPK trade, but clearly not.

    Brought in Boomer instead, scored 83 and he gets cooked. 2 trades left, versing Crawf this week and I’ve got Pendles, Beams, Fyfe, Bartel, Harvey and Suckling to replace.


  9. Just posted on FB Triple M Footy say Barlow out for rest of home and away games due to thumb injury resulting from weekends game.


  10. FREMANTLE’S Michael Barlow has suffered a blow ahead of the Dockers’ September campaign, with the star midfielder to miss two weeks with a broken thumb.



    This time last week I was so happy with my 300 pt win in the qualifying final (against the team that beat me in round 18!). I could relax this week.
    Got home from work Friday night, proud that I’d resisted trading SJ ,still saving my precious 3 trades. I sat down and studied my opponent’s team for the prelim, (it was obvious who was going to win). Then I plotted my trades for this week.All I had to do was enjoy my golf on the weekend, and check Sun morning if I wanted to use the C loophole. Was running a bit late, so when I saw Beams’ score I just thought WTF and didn’t even notice Pendle’s donut. Just left the C on Barlow and left.
    I couldn’t believe my score, or that the wrong team had won the semi.
    After pouring myself a very stiff whiskey, I sat back down and looked up SCT for answers.Where else do you go? Once I saw the carnage I poured myself another drink, and thought I’m stuffed.
    I can use 2 trades probably Fyfe/Beams out Priddis/Heppell in.,,
    Then I need both Johnson and Bartel to play.
    I need Harvey to get off at the tribunal tonight.
    Oh, and Macrae (does anybody know why he didn’t play).
    There could also be problems with the little back-up I have left.Apparently J.Martin spent most of the game riding a bike and Higgins in doubt with concussion.
    In all, I need a miracle this week.
    And it took me so long to post this I hadn’t even heard about Barlow!!!!!


  12. Anyone get the feeling a few players will be due for a rest? Already have Pendles/Beams/Fyfe/Kennedy out, could see Selwood/Goddard being rested…



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