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Written by Badger on August 27 2014

It’s been a fun year of Supercoach and I wish those with upcoming GF berths all the best. If you’re still in it then you’d be lucky to have one trade left, especially with the injury carnage of the last couple weeks. With that one trade (two if you were impeccably lucky or in a league of eight year olds) you are sure to pick a premium rendering the midpricer list somewhat useless at the moment. So, instead I offer you a Midpricer Best and Fairest and ask you for your votes in the comments. Five votes for your best midpricer, four for the second best and three for the third best. You can also give two and one votes for fourth and fifth if you feel inclined.

The eligibility for midpricer status is that they started the year under $450K, are not a first year player or a fallen premium based on starting 2014 prices. What you value is up to you – price-rise, consistent scoring, midpricer that became a keeper, one that got you a massive score in round 18 against your mate winning you the game? Completely up to you what you value most. I’ll tally up the votes and cast my own on Friday.

If only the Midpricer list from the start of the year looked like the one below…

Player:                                  Starting Price:    Highest Price:    Current Price:    Yearly Average:

Jeremy McGovern            $123,900              $414,200              $414,200              82.25

Xavier Ellis                         $159,100              $391,600              $363,100              67.35

Jared Polec                         $172,600              $457,500             $355,200             82.45

Dom Tyson                         $216,800             $528,500             $509,400             93.33

Stefan Martin                     $242,700             $555,900             $555,900             112.64

Anthony Miles                   $246,000             $488,500             $488,500             101.18

Matt Thomas                     $250,300             $463,300             $399,100              87.92

Rhyse Shaw                        $299,400             $453,400             $331,800             73.81

Matt White                         $302,700             $425,400             $332,300             76.00

Aaron Sandilands             $310,700             $585,500             $505,900             108.75

Jackson Macrae                $331,100              $552,500             $526,100              101.95

Andrew Gaff                       $383,500             $492,000             $487,500             87.62

Ollie Wines                         $399,100              $520,900             $481,300             101.00

Luke Dahlhaus                  $425,900             $515,200              $423,800             92.60

David Swallow                  $429,400              $537,600             $470,200                       103.05

Steven Motlop                   $441,800             $521,600              $403,900             80.87

Robbie Gray                       $442,600             $572,100              $572,100              110.48

Dayne Zorko                       $447,200             $548,800             $548,800             98.95

Levi Greenwood                $447,400             $544,600             $476,200             94.16





Author: Badger


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12 thoughts on “Midpricer Best and Fairest”

  1. Great concept, Badger. Might run the same for The Fallen Premiums.

    5 votes: Robbie Gray – I can only stand up and applaud those who started the year with this previously injury prone frustration of an SC player. Playing all 21 games, including 126, 148 & 174 in our finals fixtures he’s been invaluable.

    4 votes: David Swallow – Also playing every game, he’s been the 3rd best defender this season. A very popular selection in pre-season, you’d have been behind the 8-ball if you didn’t start him.

    3 votes: Aaron Sandilands – Outstanding value for money. A lock in the starting squad from day 1 and has missed just the one game.

    2 votes: Jackson Macrae – The alternative to Dale Thomas for the same price. 101 average and missed only one match.

    1 vote: Stefan Martin – Can’t believe I missed out on this bloke. 111 average since coming in mid-season.

    Unlucky not to make my votes: Dayne Zorko, Ollie Wines, Anthony Miles


  2. Thanks for your mid pricer posts throughout the season Badger and I picked up a few of your recommendations.

    My votes are

    5 votes Robbie Gray
    4 votes Dayne Zorko
    3 votes Aaron Sandilands
    2 votes Dom Tyson
    1 vote Stefan Martin

    All were consistent good scorers with the odd poor score but those that played the most games had to get more votes.


  3. Kudos Badger for the weekly posts. Votes are:

    5 – Robbie Gray
    4 – Aaron Sandilands
    3 – Stefan Martin
    2 – Dom Tyson
    1 – David Swallow


  4. Great idea to keep us interested that bit longer, even after any GF we might be in.
    I’ve got another idea I think could be interesting that I’ll outline at the end.

    In the meantime, I’ll line up two categories in this section. One list for the overall, and the secondary list for those that are (or were) in my team only.

    1. Robbie Gray
    2. Dave Swallow
    3. Aaron Sandilands
    4. Stefan Martin
    5. Anthony Miles

    JJ’s Circus Mob:
    1. David Swallow
    2. Aaron Sandipants
    3. Dane Zorko
    4. Matt Jaensch
    5. Luke Dahlhaus

    Guys, what do think of hosting a section to see which players your team held all year? I finished with seven of my starting team.


  5. 5 votes: A Sandilands. Despite an injury rest the bang for buck factor cannot be ignored.

    4 votes: D Swallow. Played every game and tonned up in most of them. Without doubt a breakout year.

    3 votes: J Macrae. Should have played every game, bar coach related interference. Bang for buck better than Swallow, but loses a place due to inconvenient rests, although hardly his fault.

    2 votes: Stefan Martin. Part of the reason big 211 is on top is that the inconvenience of him going out forced me to bring this bloke on as forward cover. Should be a permanent fixture in the Lions team next year.

    And where are those pro-luey supporters that wailed at me ladt year, eh?

    1 vote: J Polec. Faded as PA did in the second half and spent most of the second half of the year on the edge of being traded but isn’t he a rookie?

    Single biggest regret of the year – ditching Tyson for Mitchie to be able to afford Titch. The difference between a top 500 finish and a top 5000 finish is right there.


  6. 1. Sandi. R1/2 at that price allowed another premo somewhere else. If you didn’t start with him you are a bit of a goose.
    2. Gray. Fantastic output all year. From memory only one poor game.
    3. Swallow. I thought he was done a few weeks back but had recaptured his early form.
    4. Martin. The highest average on this list. Would be number one had he played a full season but was one of the best mid season recruits ever.
    5. McCrae. Bargain bin
    Looking up all these guys averaged over 100 which is all you can hope for when selecting a mid pricer


  7. Gray – Have to give him top boys after the unbelievable season he’s had, what hurts the most is I still don’t have him an chose Priddis over him last week.

    Sandilands – Came so close to top votes, but Gray was that good he ha to get it! Set & Forget ruckman.

    Martin – Should come second in the lions B&F and would have won it if not for a guy named Rockcliff. Absolute brilliant player that has taken his final chance of a career and shone.

    Swallow – If you didn’t pick him R1 you’d be playing catch up. Solid year after injuries in his past.

    Tyson – Have to sneak Tyson into this list as he’s the one that kick started my year. Had Michie in instead of him until the good folk down at SCT convinced me otherwise.



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