MJ’s Captaincy Candidates – R22

Written by MJ on August 28 2015

Friday Night:

Joel Selwood (v Coll: 104, 138, 83, 107, 140; Form: 81, 114, 145) With a very high points ceiling, and in a game where Geelong simply must win to keep their finals hopes alive, I have no doubt Joel will be in everything tonight. Four times he has gone 140+ this year, and three of those were in the last five weeks.

Scott Pendlebury and Dane Swan are also available as VC options, but be wary on Swanny, as the statistics aren’t on his side: he’s only tonned up once in the last 7 H&A matches against the Cats.

Saturday Arvo:

Todd Goldstein (v WB: 122, 75, 156, 82, 93; Form: 116, 122, 155) He’s still the #1 captaincy candidate going around, especially with Fyfe succumbing to injury. How he has dropped only one game below 92 is beyond me.

I can’t see anyone else worthwhile taking a punt on over Goldstein in this timeslot, unless you fancy one of the Hawks to tear the Lions to shreds.

Saturday Night:

Robbie Gray (v GC: 148, 87, 17, 62; Form: 118, 131, 90) There’s not much to play for here, but Robbie Gray is quite capable of ripping the Suns apart. Last time around, he scored 148! With impressive showing in his last two matches, he’d be a decent bet if Goldstein fails to go huge.

Dustin Martin and Brett Deledio could be smokies against the Bombers. The latter has a slightly better record, as Dusty hasn’t hit 110 v the Red and Black for the last five straight games. Lids made his way to 134 the Dreamtime match earlier this year.

Sunday Arvo:

Most of the better captaincy picks take to the field on Sunday. Let’s digest a few of them.

Patrick Dangerfield (v WC: 151, 96, 131, 136, 138; Form: 112, 157, 145) No one can question his record against the Eagles. It places him on a pedestal as my preferred Sunday captain over the other contenders. The only other man that might threaten his spot, is Matt Priddis. The 2014 Brownlow Medallist boasts 125, 115, 129, 129 and 110 in his last five v the Crows.

Looking for a POD to make a last grasp effort for victory? Sam Jacobs holds a 129.33 3-round average, while Rory Sloane has gone 140.67 in his last three.

Josh P. Kennedy is in some fine form for the Swans with a 129 last week and Aaron Sandilands is the highest scoring player in the game over the first three weeks of SC Finals with 144 ppg.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice I’ve experimentally changed the format of the captains post in the last fortnight. Feedback over the new layout would be appreciated.


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22 thoughts on “MJ’s Captaincy Candidates – R22”

  1. Think you may be onto something with the new format, MJ. Definitely more relevant with rolling lockouts and loophole options……nice one!
    Goldy VC with JPK as C if I need him. Good luck in your premiership endeavours, Supercoaches!


  2. Love the format MJ , always a great read.
    On another note I’ve decided that Mundy to be my replacemen for Fyfe. ive already done the trade but I’m not sure if he is going to be a late out. Am I better off reversing the trade and waiting till Sunday to make the trade?


  3. Cheers MJ. A compulsory read before making my final decisions.

    TU – Selwood into Goldstein
    T/D – Goldstein into Dangerfield


  4. T/U: Goldy VC, Gray C
    T/D: Lewis VC, Goldy C (tight i know, but im sure we’ll know by 3QT if jordy is worth c’ing



  5. Goldy VC and Fyfe C

    Fyfe has been a great Captains choice for most of the year so hope he gets a run this week as captain again.



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