Mock Draft

Written by Motts on November 21 2016

The guys (or possibly gals) at Footy Prophet have put together a mock draft.


Would you be happy if your club picked up who they think you’re going to get?


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4 thoughts on “Mock Draft”

  1. I think the top 4 is pretty much set – there might be a bit of juggling if clubs decide to draft on need rather than potential, but those 4 guys should fill those spots.
    After that, it’s a bit less clear-cut, although you would expect GWS to get Setterfield and Freo to take English as a long-term replacement for Sandilands.
    I’d be very happy if the Swans get Scrimshaw, but not hopeful he’ll still be available by pick 10.
    I’m a bit surprised not to see Jy Simpkin on this list.



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