Motts Movers R12 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on June 15 2011


Here’s some value options for you:

James Podsiadly ($423,900, 103, 84.20, 72) – J-Pod makes his long awaited return! His three tons in the last three weeks have all been at different venues silencing his critics who said he was a one trick Skilled pony. Unless you’re supremely confident of winning your first final I doubt you’ll bring him in. You also need to factor in that he’ll be playing Collingwood in R24.

Leon Davis ($418,000, 104, 84.67, 63) – Brought him to your attention 2 weeks ago and if you’d grabbed him then at the bargain basement price of $374,300 you’d be stoked because he’s since gone on to score another couple of tons. It’s a shame he isn’t a M/F DPP again this year which really would have gotten him over the line for a lot of teams. His last 7 scores: 111, 65, 101, 87, 113, 116 ,104. He’s out this week but no doubt Darling to Neon will be one of the most popular trades made before R14.

Colin Sylvia ($420,100, 104, 100.36, 157) – Bounced back from his injury-affected 32 with a 104. Huge BE this week so give him a miss but should be great value within the next fortnight. M/F DPP status and non-competitive bye just make him all the more attractive.

Honourable mentions: Stevie J, ROK, Traavis Cloke, and Cyril.


There’s some big names here:

Jonathon Brown ($366,900, 44, 68.00, 173)

Paul Chapman ($418,700, 81, 97.22, 146)

Jack Riewoldt ($373,300, 57, 80.91, 141)


And all three of Setanta’s Little Helpers get a guernsey here:

Jack Steven ($325,800, 85, 69.44, 59) – Last 3 average: 91.

Jeffrey Garlett ($349,600, 94, 80.09, 67) – pretty consistent over his last 3 ranging between 83 and 94.

Andrew Krakouer ($338,000, 84, 80.67, 68) – Starting to think I traded him out of The Maulers a little prematurely. Last 6 scores: 119, 72, 87, 74, 84, 84.

Special mentions: Mark LeCras, Chris Yarran, Eddie Betts, Tendai! (worried about him away from home this week though),  Jeremy Howe (make sure he gets named), Luke Breust (will probably get named but I they call him the super sub at Hawthorn so caveat emptor).

Final note: 3600 teams added Alan Didak last week and he scored 86 for them. He’s still under $300k. Will you be making the move in a couple of weeks?


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18 thoughts on “Motts Movers R12 – The Forwards”

  1. I decided to only make 1 trade last week in the end and got Priddis, was hating it when LeCras blitzed kicking 5 and scored 100+!!! Now he’s a Forwards Driller too but am gunna get Buddy this week instead… If J Roo keeps stinking it up I’ll be all over the Frenchman like a fat kid on a cake…


  2. Who to ditch for Howe? I’ve got Darling, Knights, Lynch and C Richardson

    Thinking Lynch, thoughts


  3. I should add to my last comment as well by not getting LeCras last week I had to play Darling instead who got 42 – DOH!!! 🙁



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