Motts Movers R12 – The Mids

Written by Motts on June 16 2011

Just a reminder that if you’re looking for a Mundy/Selwood replacement to read this week’s edition of the Midfield Movers in conjunction with MJ’s excellent post MJ’s Midfield Mayhem.


Daniel Wells ($528,700, 90, 112.82, 180) – Consistency an issue, as is a R21 bye, and his price. Rustee loves him though so….

Marc Murphy ($547,200, 122, 118.91, 133) – Its official. I now truly regret grabbing Selwood instead of him at the beginning of the year. My humble apologies Murph. Congrats on the new contract!

Andrew Walker ($421,700, 113, 88.36, 51) – 4 tons in his last 4 games with a 113 average over that period. GAJ and Pendles have averaged more but Walks’ got the gong because of his price. Thanks for staying with the Blues, champ!

Honourable mentions: GAJ (there’s guns, and then there’s AK-47’s), Pendles (howitzer), Sam Mitchell, Matt Priddis, Dustin Martin, Pav (like he ever went away?), Brent Moloney (back as the VC, happy, and with Jamar coming back – look out!), Michael Rischitelli and ROK.


Daniel Cross ($377,600, 56, 91.27, 115)

Brent Reilly ($335,800, 43, 78.18, 113)

Stewie Crameri ($324,400, 51, 81.55, 99)


Mitch Robinson ($379,800, 92, 86.36, 27) – Throws himself at contests with reckless abandon then asks questions/apologises later. Love the way he goes about it.

Jack Ziebell ($341,100, 75, 68.55, 44) – Has stepped up over the last 3 weeks averaging 96.

Kade Simpson ($388,000, 107, 90.27, 59)  – Flown under the radar this year because of his more prolific midfield teammates and because his average is down on the 100-odd he had last year but make no mistake, he’s still a gun.

Special mentions: Bachar Houli, Richard Douglas, Bernie Vince (consider), Liam Shiels, Liam Anthony, John McCarthy ($258k with an 83 average), Adam Selwood, Shaun Atley, Trent McKenzie, Liam Picken, Sharrod Wellingham, Cale Morton, David Ellard (gee Blues players are getting a fair old mention this week), and Tom Scully (2 91’s in a row will be making a lot of coaches pause for thought).


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14 thoughts on “Motts Movers R12 – The Mids”

  1. I must say i felt somewhat alone when the decision of Murphy v Gibbs came up, as i saw many lean towards Gibbs …. glad i went with Murph, he’s been an asset to the team.


  2. Murphy is my biggest regret of the season. I just couldn’t risk going in with two Carlton mids with them having a bye during fantasy footy finals. Wanted to start with Swan, Pendles, Judd and Murph, but the aforementioned scared me off. Have Dal Santo instead of Murph, so it isn’t like it is a horrible miss, but still…

    I could get him in for Mundy or Jelwood this week as I am seriously considering moving both on, but then I just get back to my original issue of having to cover Murphy and Judd in the finals. Decisions, decisions…



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