Motts Movers R5, 2012 – The Mids

Written by Motts on May 2 2012


Tom Rockliff ($608,000, 123, 58) – I have a mate, Bob, who traded Rocky out of his team after his R2 61. Since then he’s gone on to score 108, 167 & then 140 in the wet last week. I’d call Bob a dope but at the moment he’s leading my cash league #betheslowontradesthough

Dane Swan ($620,200, 120.4, 71) – Don’t call him chubby.

Josh Kennedy ($587,800, 133.8, 73) – The league’s current Golden Child. Put some spare change on him for the Brownlow coz I reckon he’s polled in each of the first 5 games. In those games he scored 137, 139, 113, 107, and 173.


Nathan Foley ($502,500, 99.6, 75) – 113 avg in his last 3 against Melbourne, West Coast & Geelong.

Jaren Brennan ($501,500, 105.6, 86) – Will pick up the Ablett slack. Freo this week then GWS the next.

Michael Barlow ($465,400, 90.6, 74) – GC and Port are his next 2 games.

Value Picks

Jesse Stringer ($113,200) – 87 in his second game with a -59 BE this week.

Kyal Horsely ($128,700) – 87 in his first game.

Taylor Adams ($136,600) – 80 in his first game and a M/F DPP.

Threw this together tonight because I’m pressed for time. Have no doubt I’ve missed some worthy players. Who would you add to this list?


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25 thoughts on “Motts Movers R5, 2012 – The Mids”

  1. what happened to anothony miles. his first game scores well, somewhere around 100 and then is ommitted the following week? what is the deal kevin?


  2. Off twitter

    Mckenna: Gary Ablett is a good chance for next week. Has full flexibility back today.” Think I’ll keep him #supercoach


  3. I have a question for everyone….
    Conilgio for Pendles—Tumbs Up
    or Coniligo for Marc Murphy—Thumbs Down
    Thoughts and Comments? But you can’t go wrong with either, both top draw


  4. im really tempted in getting kennedy mainly for his cheaper price compared to the other high scorers. the things holding me off are as follows;

    will the swans sustain their good form
    will opposition teams work him out to limit his work at stoppages


  5. Hey guys, my trades for this week.
    Wingard >>> Pfeiffer
    D.Smith >>> Stringer
    Not really sure whether to trade D.Smith or not for Stringer, or even at all.


  6. Thanks for the input guys…..helped a little….sorta, but i think i might go with pendles, as ads10 said pendles will get the odd score over 150
    I’ll be targeting Murphy towards the end of year before finals



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