Motts Movers R5, 2012 – The Rucks

Written by Motts on May 4 2012


Paddy Ryder ($534,300, 117.80, 122) – 94 his lowest score so far this year and a great few games coming up: Brisbane, West Coast, Richmond, GWS and Melbourne.

Nic Naitanui ($519,600, 107.20, 98) – Is he now better than Cox?


Will Minson ($458,900, 93.2, 42) – Bet you didn’t expect to see Big Will’s name in this list! Have I mentioned that I own his Dad’s old car?

Hamish McIntosh ($470,400, 106.4, 54) – Goldstein a possible inclusion this week after 61 hitouts in the Magoos which might affect Macca’s scoring. But he won’t have any trouble at all hitting his breakeven.

Value Picks

Jonathon Giles ($340,000, 97.8, -19) – Ho hum.

I coulda picked one out of Cordy, Renouf or McCauley but truth is I just can’t recommend any of ‘em.


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19 thoughts on “Motts Movers R5, 2012 – The Rucks”

  1. I brought in Ryder for Mumford in round 3 could’nt be happier with the outcome, points and cash wise.


  2. Can anyone hazard a guess as to what billie longer’s job security is like. Sorely regret going 2/2 rucks as lost both mummy and 211. Now have giles and Ryder but having mummy on bench is 600k wasted.


  3. As a midpricer, Maric has been pretty good: 97, 68, 94, 104, 103
    Breakeven of 42 this week.

    Not too shabby if you ignore that 68.


  4. I like the look of longer just will he get enough game time. I was going to trade kruzer for longer to free up cash for yableettt but now I am going to wait a week as he has only played the one game.

    If he can repeat 70+ then I’m selling the car.


  5. Who do you guys think will score higher?

    Swan (thumbs up)

    Pendubury (thumbs down)

    comment for murphy or selwood.


  6. My Mummy to Sandi trade is keeping me up at nights and it is painful having Redden and Big O not playing – that was not part of the plan. Thank God for Giles!

    This week I will cop another donut in the ruck and pray that Sandi is back. Redden is a problem though. He seems down the pecking order now sooner than expected and I think he needs to be traded … but to who?

    Longer is the perfect option IF he can retain his spot. Maybe he can, with Luey out perhaps Hudson could use the backup. I will see if he is named next week.

    There are a couple of mid pricers on the rise … The Mullet, HMac. I especially like Maric, if I decide he is a keeper that trade would work. I am just not sure yet.

    There are others on the slide who may prove good backup and may even make a little cash if they find some form … ZSmith, Hale (F/R). I especially like Smith, I expect him to shine this year and maybe he is just having a slow start?

    What do you think:
    – Will Longer get consistent games?
    – Is Maric a keeper?
    – Will ZSmith bounce back?


  7. Not a worry in the world for my rucks! (touch wood). Jacobs continues to fly under the radar (loved is 122 last week) and Giles is a keeper. Redden on the bench for backup and poor Sam Rowe for the linkup with Hale in the fwd line.


  8. Hi fellow SCTers, I have a problem, So the only way to solve this is by asking the wise heads of this wonderful website to vote…
    So here we go, we all know that GAJ is an absolute star & ive been reluctant to let him go (its like giving up your son for adoption) but he’s sitting on my bench & might be there for the next 2 weeks or more. i’m in the lower end of a few league positions so having him there hurts points wise.
    I want to keep him in, but my mates have been trying to convince me to kick him to the curb & move up the ladder…

    This my first poll of the season & probably my most important

    Thumbs up: Ablett/D.Smith > S.Pendlebury/M.Murphy

    Thumbs down: My mates have been reading too much HS supercoach articles & GAJ is a keeper despite what league carnage may come my way

    Any comments or advice will be greatly appreciated….Good luck to all the SCT coaches for the coming weekend



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