RoOSTA’s Captains: ROUND 23!

Written by Motts on August 29 2014

We have now reached the pointy end of the finals. How did you go? Did you get a pantsed? Flog your opponent in the pre-lim, or escape by the smallest of margins? I have my own story I’d like to share in what will be my last post for the season. A quick story that tells you…when you probably wan’t to give up on the weekend of fantasy footy – just STICK with it! As there may be surprises around the corner…

Please indulge me with my tragedy: I finished 4th in my main league, got cleaned up on the qualifying final weekend by 250+ pts. In the semi’s (against a team I drew with earlier in the year), I managed to win be 8pts, as it became a battle of attrition despite being projected to lose by a fair margin. I made it through to the pre-lim playing 3rd place. Projected to lose by more than 300 and with no trades left; it was EXTREMELY close in the end. I put the VC on Smurph who goes and gets himself knocked out (27pts), then I rely on…someone I will now label Mr. Unreliable (Joel Selwood), who pulls out a horrendous 90 vs Hawks. My opponent had Rockliff, but went with the VC score of Pendlebury, luckily. I had Pendles but was worried about his quad and being withdrawn). It came down to Anthony Miles and Cam Shenton who needed to OUTSCORE Nick Riewoldt by 35pts in the last game of the weekend. I booed every Riewoldt possession (no one went near this bloke in the second half), as the Tigers cruised to victory. After conceding defeat by what could have been a narrow margin, I waited for the ‘official’ scores to be posted. 2148 v 2148 (Bad score, I know)…A DRAW! Yet, I get knocked out! Why? A douchebag rule that says if you finish higher on the ladder, you automatically get through in the instance the game is drawn. #SUPERCOACHFAIL. I had a healthier team who, including the bench, outscored my opponent even if we had selected our highest scoring captains. Should we not have a rule that actually awards the BETTER selected team of 30 in cases like this? I think so. Well, that’s me. Boo hoo.

The strategy this weekend turns to your team. First, take a good hard look at your best 22. Then, checkout your opponents best 22. If they are remarkably similar but you are confident you can pull out a win – don’t take any risks this weekend (unless your opponent pulls out a crazy big VC score). However, if you feel the game is going to be decided by 2 or 3 scores in your forward line of defence, then you’ll need to take a risk and think of the best possible POD score and ensure you have (a) A guaranteed donut on Sunday and (b) A carefully selected VC who will hopefully score that extra margin and get you over the line

Taking a look at Mottsy’s poll, he’s left open a fair number of choices, so I’m going to assess each option:

Joel Selwood:
My bitter enemy from the weekend. Just one extra touch from this bloke and I’m in the GF. But that was too much to ask… A deserving break even of 175, Selwood comes off the back of a 3-round average of 109. He is projected for a score of 125 and his recent form against the Lions is promising to say the very least, with scores of 140, 135 and 127. He averages 116.27 against them from 11 games. They have no notable tagger. Do your worst…

Scott Pendlebury:
Well, clearly there’s nothing wrong this this guy. He must have been tickled by a butterfly in his late withdrawal last weeks he tore the house down against GWS. After Beams went down the week prior and Swanny tears a hammy, Pendles pulls out 148. He’s really the only genuine midfield contender to pick, unless you have Sidebottom. He averages 108 against the Hawks in their do-or-de clash. His last 3 games against them have produced scores of 121, 124 and 110. SC Gold projects a score of 120 and a price increase.

Matthew Priddis:
Projected at 126 and averaging about 120 from his last 3 games against the Suns. Despite coming off the back of 77 against the Dees last week, I think this guy is a strong chance of having a blinder in what COULD be Coxy’s last game. 128, 117 and 117 are his 3 scores against the Suns and he has a 5 round average of 121.4. Given the few quality captaincy choices for SUNDAY, this guy could be a quality pick, but make sure you have a good VC selected!

Kieren Jack:
Will you get the absolute best, or worst from Jack? Maybe somewhere in between? Against the Tigers in the last 3 games against them, he’s delivered 78, 146 and 76. Nothing to get excited about, really. He averages 86.8 from 9 games and recent form isn’t doing this bloke any favours. He’s projected to give you 95. If you’re stuck on the Swans, I like Parker or McGlynn.

Patrick Dangerfield:
Too risky, when you have Sloane to go with. Projected at 94 and only coming off the back of 1 triple digit score in the last 3 weeks…and barely – at 101 pts. His recent form against the Saints is consistent with my opinion; last 3 scores all in the 80’s. ot a good choice, you’d have to be really struggling for choices, if you are far more optimistic on this bloke than I.

Rory Sloane:
Projected at 114 and trying to get his side into the finals, this bloke is a fair call as SC Captain as the Crows play on Sunday. Don’t look at his 6 game average against the Saints (84.5), look at recent form against them – 127, 129 and 95. His last 3 weeks are also brilliant and FAR more consistent than Danger: 172, 105 and 111.

Trent Cotchin:
Certainly wouldn’t have featured in my poll if Mottsy didn’t include this bloke. He is projected at 95, averages 97 and his last 3 weeks have varied significantly, from as low as 64 to as high as 130. Mind you, he’s only gone over 130 3 other times this year, when is far off top-shelf quality. Up against a near full strength Swans outfit, it will be too much. I’d be looking at Deledio again, if any Tiger, for a better score.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Jobe Watson:
A mixed bag is what you get from Jobe against the Blues, who may also be more keen to finish on a higher note than the Dons who will be more interested in having a better showing 1st week of the finals. Jobe is projected at 93, averages 98.6 against Carlton and in the last 3 outings against the Blues, has only reached as high as 112. He’s a big risk (and Heppell might even be riskier), as all it may take for Hepps is a tweak in the warm-up to his hand and he could be a late out, or even a knock during the game he could be subbed out. Never go with those who might be under injury clouds, as fantasy coaches we always need to consider ‘what’s next’ for this team after this weekend. I don’t recommend Jobe.

Bryce Gibbs:
You’d think Murphy would take the Hocking tag. If so, your next best choice for Blues (who I’d consider as VC) would be Gibbo. He’s last 3 weeks have been acceptable, coming off 115, 90 and 130 against Port last weekend. He is projected at 117 and that will be very close to what he will pill out

Michael Barlow:
Quick and surprising return. This guy is a lock for my team next year. He’s projected for 114 and has polled 10+in 12/16 games he’s placed this year. He diesn’t have the best average against Port (87.2) but I will back this guy as one of their genuine midfielders left to win the ball at the coalface. He’s in exceptional form as well, off the back of 144, 132 and 131 LATE in the year is always a good sign, as the Dockers want a home final.

Robbie Gray:
Talk about the most popular guy traded into a team. Sheesh! With good reason. I regret not bringing him into my side when I laughed off his $540L pricetag earlier in the year. If you have this bloke and your opponent doesn’t, he is probably the best POD you can find. His last 3 rounds have turned pieces of coal into genuine diamonds, having scored 126, 148 and last week a crazy 178! SC Gold projects 145 and that may not be far off, considering Fremantle didn’t go anywhere near Tom Rockliff last week. They will also be down their better midfielders in Nat Fyfe. A 115 score average is what Gray holds over Freo off the back of three straight triple digit scores against the Dockers: 126, 115 and 114. Consistent and potentially your match winner!

Travis Boak:
Trav is only projected at 88. He only has a 7 game average of 74.4 points against the Dockers, but if the game is a tight one, it will come down to contested ball wins and clearances where Boaky CAN work his magic. Potentially a bit risky for my liking as a captaincy choice….but his last 3 week average is 124.67, just doesn’t have the ‘history’ to bank on.

Tom Rockliff:
You gotta love it when your stars are in form. The BEST trade you could’ve made for the year was ro bring this guy into your side after Gazza went down (if you didn’t already have him). SC Gold projects an insane score of 158 against the Cats, who he averages 101 against from 6 games. The Cats have rested their ruckman and 2 small forwards and they’ll probably send Guthrie to either Hanley or Zorko. His last 3 weeks have netted 158, 137 and 170.YOur Gazza Jnr replacement is right here. Comfortably sit the ‘C’ tag on this bloke, as I’d expect at least 130 from him.

Tom Liberatore:
Strangely enough, Libba’s history against the worst team in the competition at the moment, GWS, isn’t great. He averages only 67pts from 3 outings and SC Gold only projects 88. If anything, it’s my opinion the ‘care factor’ has tapered off…as the Giants more than the Doggies seem to be more keen to finish on a high note. However, we do know it’s Gia’s last game and we hope the Dogs will want to put on a show and bring home the 4pts. I have Libba too, but given GWS can also be a great clearance and contested ball winnin side on their good days, I’m gonna steer away from Libba.

Someone else?
There seems to be no love for the ruckman, who have torn my team to shreds in the finals. Sam Jacobs is the first that comes to mind, AA worthy. If not, Todd Goldstein is another choice projecting a massive 156 against a lowly Dees outfit. Stefan Martin is risky, but he’s had SIX straight scores over 100 and projects 122! Where’s the LOVE for the ruckman Mottsy?!

It’s been an absolute pleasure joining in on the fun each week with my beloved SupercoachTalk community. Thank you to the boys who have let me share my insights with the community and also a thank you to all the other authors who I have been following through the year. I sincerely hope my VC/C selections over the weekends this year have helped you make some constructive choices and potentially match-winning decisions! That’s it for 2014, you can find more from me on Twitter. GOODLUCK in the Grand Final!



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19 thoughts on “RoOSTA’s Captains: ROUND 23!”

  1. BJ is an interesting choice, if he’s not too sore or injured, I’d suspect he’d find a lot of the ball. But no problems with Rocky, how do you feel you will go against your opponent?



  2. Out of all finals so doesn’t matter for me. But for those still in it, Jordan Lewis looks like a good VC option tonight.

    In red hot form and no Mcaffer to tag. Got a feeling he’ll go 140+ against the Pies’ 2s side…


  3. Hanley/Bartel into Green/Priddis

    Will have to assess the options V opponents but they are my likely options (No rockliff 🙁 )

    Bartel has a huge Ave at Simmons Stadium and could go large. Hanely has scope to go wild as well.

    Greene is in stellar form the past month and could go BANG and help the giants win.

    If the eagles are in contention for the 8 come sunday, I expect Priddis to dominate the gold coast. Has a good Ave against them as well

    If things go really haywire, it may be time to whack the C on Nic Nat. He needs to to do something for me.


  4. I’ve had 2 options I’ve been tossing up with all week and would like some input from the SCT community before tonight’s game.

    T/U: VC Pendles C Rocky

    T/D: VC Rocky C Sloane


  5. Im looking to put the VC on Rocky and the C on a premium playing on Sunday. Options are Sloane, Danger, Jacobs, Priddis and Libba.
    I have narrowed it down to Sloane or Priddis. Any advice much appreciated.
    T/U – Sloane V Sainters
    T/D – Priddis V GC


  6. Thank-you for all your captain’s write-ups RoOSTA! It’s been weekly reference material for me and I’m sure many others here.

    I have no GFs but playing for the fun. Pendles into Selwood for me.



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