Mottsy’s Second Pass

Written by Motts on January 25 2013

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….with $140,900 in the bank for that crucial first trade.

Not up to the point where I’m gonna justify selections – just keeping you up to date with what’s going through the old noggin.


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125 thoughts on “Mottsy’s Second Pass”

  1. hey motts.

    dont know if rowe really going to get any game time this year with 3 senior ruckmen ahead.

    mind you, i suppose all the rookies are just place markers at this stage except viney, jaeger and crouch.

    i would go shuey ahead of judd. just think the ceiling for shuey is bigger.

    also think the valds up back might be stuck before ellis and morris for the moment. (although there is some talk that ellis might get a chop out role in the midfield this year.) I’m looking at Thurlow or even L Brown


  2. Some interesting selections here. May be way off, but I get the feeling that parts of this were put up to get people’s opinions on players…

    Zorko in cos you missed out on him in 2012?

    Likes: The four back keepers, Danger, Murph, Rocky, Broughts
    Dislikes: Judd, Caddy, Goldstein, Zorko, Rohan


  3. I was really just trying to poke the bear with the Magician. It’ll be really interesting to see if he can keep the form up in year two, it can be a hard thing to do.

    The problem I have with Goldstein is the new no contact ruck rule. He is a guy who seems to be so hit-out reliant and I’ve seen him as one of those wrestling ruckman, so I see the rule hurting him. Could easily be proven wrong. Being the sole recognised ruck is a plus though.


  4. Here’s where my head is at.

    D/ Goodard, Gibbs, Duffield, Broughton, Staker, Thurlow (Terlich, Colquhoun)

    M/ GAJ,pendlebury, cotchin, shuey, mundy, K Stevens, K Mitchell, O’Meara, (Viney, Crouch)

    F/ Franklin, Roughy, Rockliff, Dusty, Varcoe, Mayes (Lee, Kerridge)

    R/ Mummy, Berger, Currie, Osbourn
    $45k in bank.

    The Franklin/ Shuey combo might become the Breust/Swan combo.

    Osbourn in the ruck is there because he wont play and gives me a guaranteed donut to take advantage of the captain’s loophole.


  5. Docherty, Vlastuin, Staker, Jaksch, T Menzel, Mitchell, Daw, Currie , Daniher, Rowe and Rohan are not guaranteed of starting yet .


  6. Good looking team at the moment Motts

    Here’s my effort at the moment

    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, J. Grimes, D. Pearce, L. Brown, B. Goodes (J. Pittard, D. Terlich)

    MID: G. Ablett jnr, D. Swan, S. Pendlebury, D. Mundy, M. Rischitelli, G. Horlin-Smith, T. Mitchell, J. O’Meara (J. Viney, S. Dwyer)

    RUC: A. Sandilands, M. Leuenberger (M. Daw, S. Rowe)

    FWD: D. Cox, M. Pavlich, T. Rockliff, C. Sylvia, J. Kennedy, B. Macaffer (B. Staker, T. Lee)

    CASH LEFT: $6,200


  7. Heres my team
    Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Grimes, Pittard, Terich ( Thurlow and Docherty)
    Ablett, Cotchin, Kenedy, Mundy, Varcoe, Stevens, K Mitchell, Omerea (Crouch and Viney)
    Goldstein and Leuenberger (witts and Currie)
    Franklin, Cox, Rockliff, Wright, Martin, Staker (Macaffer and lee
    $11,800 left


  8. A strong midfield with some great POD’s. Not sure about Juddy, but Caddy may be a breakout contender and will run around free in a star studded midfield at Geelong. Have you given Nat Fyfe any consideration? He looks to be primed for a big year and is a bargain at $498K. Would appreciate some support on my facebook page: Looking to help out the fantasy football community, cheers!


  9. Ok guys.. Revised team… Again..

    Waters, Gibbs, J. Grimes
    Staker, Docherty, Stevenson,
    (Terlich, Colquhoun)

    Pendles, Dangerfield, Cotchin, Mundy
    Caddy, K. Stevens Crouch, O’Meara
    (M. Jones, Viney)

    Goldstein, Leuenberger
    (Witts, Currie)

    Cox, Walker, Wright
    Martin, Breust, Macaffer
    (J. Simpson, Kerridge)

    Am going to keep my eye on the likes of Varcoe, Darling, Pederson, Fyfe. But am the moment, i am happy considering we haven’t had a single game.

    Still have $610,900. Going to wait and see how NAB cup form is, goes without saying.

    Lighter in def due to the decent amount of rookies there is. Key is obviously picking the right ones.


  10. Hi all, good to be back warming up for Supercoach! Nice second draft Motts.

    I like: Your whole back line! Gaz, Danger and Murph (well under-priced IF he can shake the tag); Your starting rucks (DC may be right about Goldy be he is still a nice price); Plus Buddy, Rocky and Broughton all look good up forward.

    Rohan is a wait and see prospect but there are a few guys to be considered for this position … Knights, Byrnes, Bock just to name a few.


  11. That’s for showing us your team, Murphy was a lock for me but now you’ve tempted me with Juddy…hmmm headaches already


  12. DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Hanley, Heppell, Bock, Pittard (Docherty, Terlich)
    MID: Ablett, Pendulbury, Cotchin, Murphy, Fyfe, K.Mitchell, Crouch, O’Meara (Hrovat, Viney)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Luenburger (Grundy, Currie)
    FWD: Franklin, Rockliff, Martin, Lecras, Varcoe, Staker (Macaffer, Lee)

    My concern is whether to get Franklin or Cox, feedback on the Franklin v Cox would be amazing, thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. What’s your crystal ball telling about Menzel Motts? Will he be in from RD1? What kind of role will he get? Is he a candidate for the vest while they ease his way in with those dodgy Menzel knees?


  14. my team goes…

    D- Goddard, Gibbs, Fisher, Bock, Thurlow, Docherty,
    (T, Smith, Terlich)

    M- Abblett, Pendles, Danger, Slone, Judd, B. Maloney, Wines, O’Meara
    (M. Jones, Viney)

    R- Jacobs, Leuenberger
    (Currie, Grundy)

    F- Franklin. Cox, Walker, Lynch, Daniher, Staker
    (Membrey, Lee

    Im pretty happy there is just some concern in each area. With my backs the only one im not sure on is fisher, he didn’t have a good run last year and i could change and get broughton but i think if fish pulls through he would be a great POD.
    I love my midfield i think maloney is cheap for what he can do and at brisbane new club fresh start hopefully good year. If maloney doesn’t work i would switch for josh caddy as my mid pricer in the middle.
    No real concerns for my rucks atm.

    I will appreciate any feedback.


  15. Not to sure about my rooks but heres my team so far:

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Duffield,Broughton, Colquohoun (Docherty, Terlich)
    MID: Ablett, Pendulbury, Cotchin, Murphy, Ball, Viney, Crouch, Oโ€™Meara (Hrovat, Mitchell)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Daw (Grundy, Currie)
    FWD: Cox, Rockliff, Zorko, Stevie J, Lee, Staker (Mcbean, murcdoch)


  16. DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Birchall, Duffield,Broughton, Colquohoun (Docherty, Terlich)
    MID: Ablett, Pendulbury, Cotchin, Murphy, Ball, Viney, Crouch, Oโ€™Meara (Hrovat, Mitchell)
    RUCK: Goldstein,Leunberger (Daw, Currie)
    FWD: Cox, Rockliff, Zorko, Stevie J, Lee, Staker (Mcbean, murcdoch)

    correct team atm


  17. First crack at a side this year after enjoying the off season.
    team name: silly rabbit
    D. Goddard/Heater/Gibbs/Broughts/Vlastuin/Staker – B.Goodes/Terlich
    M. Ablett/Pendlebury/Fyfe/Heppell/Wines/Ball/Crouch/O’Meara – Mitchell/Viney
    R. HMAC/Louie – Witts/Rowe
    F. Buddy/Massive/Zorks/Rocky/Bock/Varcoe – Maccaffer/Dwyer
    Alright lads, tear it apart.


  18. The Situation:

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Shaw, Bock, Jaksch, Vlastuin (Docherty, Terlich)
    MID: Ablett, Swan, Watson, Murphy, Ball, Viney, Crouch, Oโ€™Meara (Kavanagh, Wines)
    RUCK: Ryder,Leunberger (Daw, Naismith)
    FWD: Buddy, Pavlich, Martin, Hurley, LeCras, Daniher (Staker, Rowe)

    This is my first attempt….any feedback would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚



  19. What do people think of Wellingham this year? Will be in WCE top 3 mids this year whereas he was 6th at Collingwood. And MID/FWD DPP this year at about $430k and a POD to LeCras, is he worth a show? I currently have him in my FWDs..


  20. Hey guys, first draft side as follows

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, S. Shaw, Staker, Colquhoun
    (Docherty, Terlich)

    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Dangerfield, Delidio, Zorko, Ball, Mitchell, O’Meara
    (Crouch, Viney)

    RUC: Goldy, Leuenberger
    (Rowe, Currie)

    FWD: Cox, Pavlich, Broughton, Kennedy, Daniher, Macaffer
    (Simpson, Lee)

    Any tips or criticisms would be highly appreciated

    Also got $148,400 left

    Thanks guys


  21. Presenting the Seabrook Wombats of 2013 in all their glory…

    DEF: Goddard, Birchall, Reilly, Broughton, Vlastuin, Staker (Van Unen, Terlich)

    MID: Pendles, Cotchin, Sloane, Shuey, Fyfe, Ball, Stevens, Mitchell
    (O’ Meara, Colquhuon)

    RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger
    (Rowe, Daw)

    FWD: Franklin, Rocky, Wright, LeCras, Stringer, Mayes
    (Daniher, Macaffer)

    130K in the bank left

    Any you guys like/dislike?


  22. I’ve made a rough team up (will share once a few dilemmas are solved). I have enough cash to upgrade to Rockliff in the Midfield (to enable premium dpp). Which rookie do I upgrade?

    S, Mayes [BRIS]
    O, Wines [PA]
    J, O’Meara [GC]
    B, Crouch [ADEL]
    L, Whitfield [GWS]


    Midfield already consists of Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Cotchin and Nicky Dal, by the way.



  23. What does everybody think of Sam Blease this year? Relatively cheap, according to the AFL Prospectus book they reckon he’s in for a good year.

    Thumbs Up – Nice pick.
    Thumbs Down – Bad pick.


  24. hey fellas, im just having a little bit of trouble on how to join a public league, can someone please tell me how to do this


  25. DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Hanley, Yarran, Pittard (Terlich, Docherty)
    MID: Ablett, Pendulbury, Cotchin, Fyfe, Ball, K.Mitchell. O’meara, Crouch (Hrovat, Viney)
    RUCK: Goldy, Luenburger (Grundy, Currie)
    FWD: Franklin, Cox, Rockliff, Lecras, Varcoe, Staker (Macaffer, Lee)

    2nd draft, thank you


  26. Hmmmmm any consideration for the Draw some teams have or it proved nothing and whether you play a good side or poor side players can still score well.


  27. Take a look at my team. I’d love to get feedback, both good and bad.

    Def: Goddard,Shaw,Gibbs,Enright,Thornton,Docherty (Van Unen, Terlich)

    Mid: Abblett,Swam,Watson,Judd,Varcoe,Wines,Mitchell,Viney (Colquhoun,Dwyer)

    Ruck: Goldy, Berger (Rowe, Currie)

    Fwd: Franklin, Cox, Ryder,Lecras,Daniher,Maccaffer (Menzel, Lee)

    $15400 left over.


  28. so good to be back!!! the angst over FURL has ceased to exist…for now

    but as business goes here is my first draft as usual rookies may change but stars are set (barring any injury or such)

    Goddard H.sHaw, B.Gibbs (B.Staker)
    G.Broughton B.Goodes J.Pittard (J.Thurlow)

    G.Ablett, J.Selwood, T.Cotchin, N.Fyfe (B.Crouch)
    L.Ball, K.Mitchell, J O’Meara, J.Viney (T.Mitchell)

    A.Sandilands, M.Leuenberger (M.Gawn, M.Daw)

    L.Franklin, D.Cox, T.Rockliff (T.Lee)
    D.Martin, J.Daniher, B.Macaffer (B.Dick)

    so 4-4-1-4 with 2 mids (ball and leuenberger) and the rest rookies

    anythoughts people?

    p.s i have created a SAINTS only league if anyone is interested (364611)


  29. okay guy’s Team Davo 2013 first draft, rip shreds off it

    Defenders-Goddard, Waters, Gibbs, P Hanley, Goodes, Terlich
    (S Docherty, J Bews)

    Mids- Gazza, Deppendlebury, J Kennedy, Cotch, L Ball, T Menzel, J Omera, S Coloquan.
    ( C Richardson, Viney)

    Rucks-Ryder, Leunberger ( S Rowe,M Daw ), the 2 bench rucks are iffy at best at the moment

    Forwards-Big Cox, Tex, Rockliff, Dusty, Josh Kennedy, B Staker,
    ( J Redpath, T Membrey)



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