Movers & Shakers – Rd1

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 31 2016

In the tradition of Motts’ Movers, ‘Movers & Shakers’ will look at those players making a big impact over a short amount of time.  Only the one Round of games to take into account at the minute.  As the year continues, we’ll concentrate on players with a high 3/5-Round Average.  A few players caught the eye during Rd1:


Chad Wingard (PTA $527 800 FWD)

Capable of big scores, The Chad started 2016 with a solid 125 against the Saints on Sunday.  With a decent rate of Disposal Efficiency (76%), The Chad was able to score so high from just 21 touches.  Nine tackles and three goals helped, of course.  Playing against ADE, ESS & GWS over the next three weeks, The Chad is a big chance to continue on in similar fashion.


Sam Mitchell (HAW $586 600 MID)

There’s a broken record playing in the SCT Forum when it comes to Sam Mitchell.  ‘Age is catching up with him……..Getting on in years……..too old, too slow’.  After averaging 109 last season and going close in the Brownlow (again!), this four-time Premiership player was being written off yet again as a Supercoach option.  But why?  He collected 30+ possessions in 12 of 20 games last year, with only one sub-20 possession game all season.  Started 2016 with another lazy 36 touches and 130 SC pts against the Cats on Easter Monday.  Never write this guy off!  The day he officially retires is the first day he’s no longer SC-relevant………


David Zaharakis (ESS $414 800 MID)

I wrote a Sneak Preview on Zaka during the pre-season and mentioned that the remaining senior Essendon players had a decent chance to improve their SC numbers this year.  All it took was some better Disposal Efficiency from Zaka and BANG! 132 SC pts from his 33 touches and two goals against the Suns.  A very sneaky M8/9 proposition for later in the year, 3.4% of Coaches got in on the Ground Floor.


Nic Naitanui (WCE $560 700 RUCK)

So dominant was his performance against Brisbane that Stefan Martin started roving to NicNat’s hitouts.  Thrashed Martin 46-21 on the night.  Also collected 22 touches (17 contested) around the ground as well as two goals for his 153 SC pts.  All of that in just 67% Time On Ground………MASSIVE!  Might finally be getting back to that 2012 form that saw him average 114 from 20 games.  If you’ve started with a Set&Forget Ruck combo of Goldy and NicNat then you’d be justified in your smugness right now.  Chances of high-scoring are better than Hugh Hefner on an average Tuesday 😉


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6 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Rd1”

  1. Great list, id like to add Adam Treloar, was on my radar in the preseason but opted for shiel instead. Treloar came out and was the only bright spark for the pies. 125 SC points, had 34 touches and 81% TOG. With the talk of Pendles demise a little premature i still think this bloke will be the premier midfielder for the pies in 2016. and with a 58% retention rate there’s still plenty of upside!


  2. Good to see the comments on Zaharakis. Heard a snippet on the radio pre Rd 1 (might have been an interview with an Essendon player who talked up him up?). Apparently he came out of last season a bit stung by his form, paid his own way for off season high altitude training in the US, had since been training up a storm and taken it on himself to try and lead by example with the ‘Replacements’ team. So is Rd 1 a sign of things to come?



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