Movers & Shakers – Rd15

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 29 2017

In the tradition of Motts’ Movers, ‘Movers & Shakers’ looks at those players making a big impact (or no impact) over a short amount of time.  We now have ample data after fourteen weeks to weed out the Contenders from the Pretenders.  This weeks Movers & Shakers are (Player, Club, Current Price, Average, 3-Round Average):



Jeremy Howe (COL $503k, 97, 118) – The Human Highlight Reel has finally flourished into a contender for Top10 Defender! Over the last three weeks, Howe has put up scores of 104, 125 & 125.  It’s not just the intercept marks that are helping his scores.  He’s consistently going over 80% Disposal Efficiency while accumulating decent numbers (27 touches against Port on the weekend).  Well done if you jumped on at $450k!


Rory Laird (ADE $499k, 104, 88) – Still a Top4 DEF but he’s registered a 59 & 72 on either side of a massive 134 against StKilda.  Finding the ball easily enough but Champion Data hasn’t taken much notice of his uncontested possessions.  Sure to bounce back from this ‘mini-slump’ sooner rather than later.



Steele Sidebottom (COL $515k, 94, 112) – His numbers may have taken a dive early on in 2017, but Sidebottom has been quite impressive recently.  After only one ton from the first eight Rounds, Sidebottom has topped the century in each of the last five games.  Not many have noticed since he’s still in the shadow of Pendles & Treloar and owned by just 2.1% of all teams.  Great smokey option and still relatively cheap.


Brad Ebert (PTA $520k, 105, 85) – Is it just me or does he do this every year?  Starts like a house on fire, sucks in 4.1% of Coaches then slows right up?  Perhaps I’m being harsh on someone that hadn’t gone under 89pts previous to Rd14 (58 against the Pies), but it’s still hard to see Ebert maintaining that quality all year.



Matthew Kreuzer (CAR $631k, 112, 137) – I’d heard whispers that this day would eventually arrive but I never actually believed it possible 😉  Kreuzer is absolutely tearing it up this season and is the #1 Ruckman with daylight second!  His last seven weeks, if you don’t mind……..127, 104, 121, 146, 132, 144 & 135.  Only Danger & Doc have better three week averages (the Top2 guys in the comp right now)……….


Toby Nankervis (RIC $423k, 93, 72) – He’s been the subject of many polls lately as Coaches are figuring out how to handle The Tank?  First five weeks – 112.6avg, last seven weeks – 78.8.  We might have to come to the realization that Nank sucked us in early on.  Still handy to keep with his DPP status………..




Jack Billings (STK $516k, 93, 115) – His last seven weeks have been huge!  114, 136, 104, 68, 106, 110 & 130.  Still owned by just 5.4%, Billings might just be that elusive F6/F7 that gets you over the line in Finals.  Well done if you brought him in under $400k!


Charlie Dixon (PTA $450k, 92, 60) – Key Position FWDs can be erratic in their scoring habits and Dixon is no exception.  After three scores over 135+ in five weeks, Dixon has managed just 41, 64 & 77 in his last three.  Looks like his purple patch is already behind him for 2017………


Did you take a chance on a Mover?  Too many Shakers in your midst?  Tell the SCT Coaches all about it…………


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5 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Rd15”

    1. Think you will find he’s been left off as he’s not moving or shaking. He has come to a screaming halt.


  1. Nank is a warning why you sometimes have to avoid mid price mayhem.

    They have a big start to year and appreciate in price but then you get seduced into the thought they may become keepers and dont upgrade them when they hit their peak price.
    by the time you realise their form was fleeting you are stuck with them as you are low on trades and theyve dropped in price again so you cant do a straight swap for a good premo.

    Same thing was happening for me with steele but luckily he was dropped which forced my decision.

    same thing happened to me last year with hall and libba, if libba didnt get injured I prob wouldve carryied him through season.


    1. Nank as of now has done what I bought him for. I was hoping he would do more than that, and for a while he did. But as an R3/F7 backup to my real rucks I am still happy with him. His early success seems to have changed people’s ideas of what we really expected from him at the start of the season. I went back and looked at my team reveal, which documents my thinking at the time. The main bits:

      “First, backup for the main Rucks. Second, I will probably keep him as F7/R3 backup. Third, he looks like the sole Ruck for Richmond and that means he has a chance of being Top 8ish forward and legitimate keeper.

      But, it is quite possible he will average 95 this season.

      Obviously we can’t know or expect that he’ll do anything like that, but it is not a crazy hope. In any case, I think he is worth it as backup and for his potential to make F6.”

      Well, a 95 average is still possible. he is at 92.9 right now. I think he will end up with a season average around 88 at this point. But, see above, he was brought in to be a backup ruck/forward with the expectation he would end up R3/F7, which is exactly what is happening. F6 was potential, not expectation.



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