MRP – R18

Written by Motts on August 3 2015

14 charges laid and 3 other matters assessed in detail from rd18:

Brian Lake can accept $1000 sanction, rough conduct on Ty Vickery.

James Kelly can accept $1000 sanction, careless contact with umpire Shaun Ryan.

Steve Johnson can accept 1 game, striking Allen Christensen.

Nathan Jones can accept $1000 sanction, wrestling Scott Pendlebury.

Mark LeCras can accept $1500 sanction, rough conduct on Matt Shaw.

Dylan Buckley can accept $1000 sanction, misconduct against Lindsay Thomas.

Michael Firrito can accept 1 game, striking Matthew Kreuzer.

Jack Steven can accept $1000 sanction, contact to face of Travis Boak.

Jack Newnes can accept $1000 sanction, striking Robbie Gray.

Zac Dawson can accept 2 games, striking Jeremy Cameron.

Toby Greene, Jeremy Cameron, David Mundy, Zac Dawson can all accept melee fines.

James Frawley cleared match day report against J Riewoldt – force used was below that required for a report.


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