Notes To Future Self 2018

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 13 2017

Chillo suggested a thread with our first picked players for Supercoach 2018 during our Polling Station on Monday.  Have you given much thought for next year?  If your season has been a bit of a train wreck like mine, then you’ve already got a list happening.  Since most people would understandably use Dangerfield as their first pick, let’s extend it out to your first FIVE players.  We can use this as a reference to our future selves over the next pre-season 😉

My starting line-up will definitely (maybe) contain the following players:

* Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) – Back to back Brownlow Medalist and SC-God 😉

* Sam Docherty (CAR) – Amazingly……, stupidly is the word I’m looking for…….STUPIDLY I’ve waited for Docherty’s price to drop over the last two years and haven’t owned him at any stage as a result.  Remember I said the season was a train wreck 😉  Funny thing is that I had him in my side three years ago as a breakout candidate……..

* Tom Mitchell (HAW) – Stunning in his consistency this season and no reason he won’t continue on in that vein next year.

* Zach Merrett (ESS) – Same as Mitchell, he just keeps racking up the touches.  Runs all day………

* Clayton Oliver (MEL) – Has copped plenty for the dive in Perth but regardless of that, the kid can play.  Averaging 110 in just his 2nd year, unheard of!  Contested Beast that will be a lock in many sides for years to come…….


How does that compare to your list?  Do you agree/disagree with anyone in my initial team?  Let’s hear your thoughts, Coaches……


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41 thoughts on “Notes To Future Self 2018”

  1. Without knowing positional changes…

    Cripps (if he has a full preseason) -Bargain at around $520k. Expect him to go elite next year.
    Doch – Fool me once, but fool me twice..?
    Zerrett -Will be no.1 mid at the Bombers for many more years. Will only get better.
    Gawn – Should be cheap as chips. Set and forget.
    Titchell – Will be no.1 mid at the Hawks for many more years. Consistency.

    Fyfe/Sloane/Zorko/Rocky on my watchlist.

    At this Stage Danger is out due to his expected price. I may however fold and start him like this year! It will also of course depend on the value available on other lines.


      1. Agree, no Danger is risky as. Only worked out well this year as he got injured Rd4 for 90 points and went 120, 65, 110 and 112 for the next month playing sore. Otherwise he’s averaging 152.6 over his other 1o games this season. Phenomenal efforts.


        1. Next year I’m not sure I will start the year with a loophole.

          If there’s a promising R/F rookie I’m getting him in.

          Cash generation has been a real problem this year so I will try to maximise my playing rookies next year.

          This makes Danger a must have captains option at least in the early rounds.

          Saying all that I hope he drops off a bit. otherwise he will eat up more salary cap than Buddy at the Swans.


  2. Docherty, Gawn, Macrae (if he keeps his dpp), Kelly(GWS), and that Geelong player that goes alright, what’s his name again?


  3. I started Danger and Doc this year, despite their big price tags, and have not regretted it at any stage. They’ll be there again in March 2018!

    * Isaac Heeney – my early pick for no.1 forward.
    * Titch – The consistency king, probably won’t be ‘cheap’ at any point during the year.
    * Josh Kelly – but only if he stays at the Giants. Absolute jet, but I worry about him getting tagged at a weaker club.

    Players I’ll be avoiding – all KPP’s, anyone wearing black and white (sorry Pendles), anyone who I suspect won’t be rucking solo, i.e. Stef and Grundy


    1. I’m ruling out Collingwood too until they show something. Been fantasy elite for years but they are an absolute cluster at the moment.


      1. Well to be honest, I’ll be taking the opposite approach re the black and white (Providing there’s a new coach).
        All their prices will be affected by having such a crud year( as expected) and they’ll all be unders price wise, will definitely be locking in Pendles , it took Buckley 5-6 years to turn a true champion into something of a lesser player , I’m sure a half decent coach ( looking like B.Scott at this stage) should be able to turn it around fairly quickly.
        Naturally if they extend his contract all bets are off.


  4. I want consistency next year. Pick up highly volatile players after they stink.

    DEF: Docherty, Laird, Lloyd
    MID: Dangerfield, Cripps, Z.Merrett, T.Mitchell, Oliver
    RUC: Gawn, NicNat
    FWD: Who knows…….


  5. Heres my first picked on each line. I have left off Danger and Doc. anyone not selecting them shouldn’t play SC.

    Def. R.Laird. (Has the odd bad game but also able to go big.)

    Mid. J. Kelly. ( future Brownlow medalist.)

    Ruck. Kroooser. (worth the injury risk if he can keep putting up current numbers)

    Forwards. See below.

    For me the Forwardline will be the hardest to pick for next year.

    On current form Heeney and Ryder (if given DPP) are the only 2 worth locking in.

    Yeo will be a Def, Macrea will probably be Mid only. Dahl will be an upgrade target. Greene will be tempting but his tendency to get suspended makes him a risky selection R1.

    Nothing to do with players for next year but my note to future self goes something like this..

    Don’t go bragging in mid season polls about avoiding injuries.

    Since the byes I have had Greene Fyfe, Jelwood, Cripps and Greenwood all miss games or go down long term.

    Lets hope the SC gods are kinder this week, so I can finally get my best 22 on the park.


  6. Doc and Laird in Def

    Titch, Danger, J Kelly in mids

    NicNat if he is well priced

    Heeney and Robbie gray if they are DPP next year


  7. Started with Heater over Doc this year and I will not be making that mistake again Doc and danger will start and not leave my team next year.

    Started with Titch this year and it has been my best move will probably put him in with his consistency.

    Merrett looks like he is only going to grow and I feel like he will be a top5 mid next season.

    Any locks in the forward line will be based on DPP’s if Zorko manages to get a m/f he will not be leaving my side. Will still probably get him if he is just a mid.


    1. I agree Nic Nat will be a bargain next year. The new ruck rules should suit him.

      Much like Sandi this year I think he will be a stepping stone to another ruck.

      Adam may have more stats but I can’t remember a year when Nic Nat didn’t go down injured at some stage.


  8. If can C Petraca can build his tank enough to get some midfield time he will be a possible breakout Forward.

    The kid is a future star and along with C Oliver will grace many SC teams in years to come.


  9. First thoughts are:

    1. Danger cause he’s the new GAJ. Perma captain.
    2. Ahern cause he’ll be super cheap and their are huge wraps on the kid.
    3. A Johnson cause he’ll also be super cheap and you’d expect him to be in the Swans best 22.
    4. Cripps cause he’s a beast who just couldn’t catch a break this year (pun intended).
    5. R Gray cause he’ll be a mid/fwd and we’ll all be all over him. Similarly, any other gun mids who are given a DEF or FWD status will likely get an automatic spot.


  10. Danger- Self explanatory
    Doc- self explanatory
    Fyfe- Back in his prime should ave 120+
    NicNat- Will be cheaper with the year out.
    Pendles- Providing new coach.

    The Clayton Oliver/ Josh Kelly breakout candidate award for next year goes to

    The Missy Higgins never touching again candidate award for next year goes to
    J. O’Meara


  11. Ive made a list of players im not picking thats for sure:

    1. Fremantle Players
    2. Collingwood Players if Buckleys still there
    3. Injury Prone players
    4. Risky Mid Pricers

    So anyway with that in consideration!
    Def: Doch and Laird
    Mid: Danger, Zerret, cripps depending on price
    Ruck: Gawn, Nic nat depending price
    FWD: Give us Dusty and Zorko back please 🙁


  12. Brayden Maynard is the obvious one. But all the boys should perform more better next year when we get rid of Buck’s.

    Me mate also said the PIES might be getting Dusty, Fyfe, and Kelly over the off season, so I’ll have to pick them if they come across.


  13. How about some potential rookies? If they don’t get a game this year as they’re being managed, Jack Graham (Rich) and Nathan Freeman (Stk) are potentially lock mid rookies


  14. Current 2018 structure:

    Def: S Docherty, R Laird, J Lloyd, A Johnson, rookie, rookie, (rookie, rookie)
    Mid: P Dangerfield, J Selwood, S Pendlebury, J Kennedy, Z Merrett, L Neale, S Coniglio, P Ahern, ( N Freeman, J Graham, rookie)
    Rucks: M Gawn, N Naitunai, (rookie)
    Fwds: R Gray, H Bennell, A Christensen, C Ellis- Yolemen, S Day, H McKay, (rookie, rookie)

    Also D Zorko, P Cripps, N Fyfe, T Cutler, T McDonald, M Hurley, D Smith, I Heeney, B Acres, S Ross, C Wingard, D Martin, T Rockliff, B Deledio, T Mitchell will all feature in my watchlist and may replace players in the current starting structure.


  15. If either he or Goldstein requests a trade at the end of the year, Braydon Preuss could be a cheap R2 option if he can be a solo ruck.


    1. Will be a tad pricey for my liking. Average of 75 with a discount will put him around $300k which is a little awkward.


  16. The Meatball is looking delicious given his late season form and value price.

    Wingard provided he continues to play in the guts and retains his forward status.

    Gunston provided he continues to play in defence and becomes DPP.

    Bonus: Armo will be cheap as chips if he receives the normal injury discount (2 games = 30% off) placing him at the low low price of $268K. Everyone will have him, which means (like JOM this year) he probably won’t get any discount at all.


  17. On the rookie front, with Brodie Smith done for 12 months, Harry Wigg might finally get unfurled.

    Willie Rioli is on the cusp of his debut, even part of the conversation for a finals call up, so bang him straight in with confidence.

    Also a couple of Saints lads down back in Rice & Goddard Jr worth considering. The latter is a KPD so maybe not all that sexy in retrospect.



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