PC12 Wrap Up

Written by Motts on December 4 2017

Thanks to a big late win, it was a successful round for the Punters Club. We started with $1,138 and finished with $1,273. This was in no small part due to Bob’s big win on at Flemington. He put $25 EW on a roughie that came home netting us a $447.50 collect.

The only other big winner for us this time around was Kid81 who, over a couple of weeks, injected $255 into our coffers.

At the other end of the scale, 10 punters (including yours truly) failed to trouble the scorer with their bets.

I wasn’t able to get a hold of Robbie on a couple of occasions this round so we’ll cash him out. Big Sexy has also asked to be cashed out. Both boys have $57.89 coming their way. Get in touch with your bank details, fellas, and I’ll make the transfer. If anyone else wants out, let me know and you’ll get the same collect.

$57.89 is also the amount its going to cost you to join the club. Email me (motts at supercoachtalk dot com) if you want in by Thursday this week and I’ll get back to you with my bank details.

So for PC13 everyone will have $55 to punt with. Let’s open the batting this time around with Yiorgakis.


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      1. Good to see you are up and about with some of your banter Deano!

        Was concerned for your welfare with your conspicuous absence of late from the site. Then when people wanted your Melbourne Cup Tip and , you did not surface that just added to the sleepless nights.



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