Perennial Players

Written by MJ on August 27 2014

JimmyDee raised an interesting topic under Badger’s write-up this week. He wants to know: How many players in your side avoided the axe all season?

JD had 7 players, whereas I had 11 who outlasted the trade button all year.

Premiums: D.Swallow, S.Pendlebury, D.Beams, T.Cotchin, P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, L.Franklin, M.Pavlich.

Rookies: M.King, J.Hunt, D.Currie

Who were your perennial players?


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25 thoughts on “Perennial Players”

  1. Great post. Here is my list …

    Guns – McVeigh, Hanley, D.Swallow, Beams, Cotch, Sandi, McEvoy, Danger, Dusty (plus S.Mitchell who was in out then back in).
    Rookies – M.King, L.Taylor


  2. Kept:
    Def: McVeigh, Swallow, Enright, Simpson
    Mid: Pendlebury
    Ruc: Currie, Thurlow, Minson, Sandilands
    Fwd: Martin, Dangerfield

    Just 11

    Trade ins:
    Def: Malceski, Hanley, Aylett, Cutler
    Mid: Selwood, Sloane, Rockliff, Miles, Liberatore, Watson, Wines, Acres, Honeychurch
    Fwd: Parker, Stef Martin, Cameron, Pavlich, Ambrose, Zorko

    Next’s years lock’s would be a good article MJ if you have the time

    Mine would be:
    Rockliff, Selwood, Miles, Stef Martin, Sloane, Parker, Fyfe, Lewis, Mumford, McVeigh, Malceski, Jacobs, Just to name a few


  3. Guns: McVeigh, Pendles, Beams, Libba, Danger, Sandi, Jacobs, dusty, Hanley
    Rookies: Currie, Thurlow, L McDonald, Georgiou
    Also traded out and in Mitchell and Jaench


  4. D: Swallow, McVeigh, Suckling
    M: Pendlebury
    R: Sandilands, Lobbe, Thurlow, Derickx
    F:Dangerfield, Martin


  5. Have 9 in McVeigh, Hanley, Pendles, SMurph, Cotch, Dangerfield, Buddy, Dusty & Sandi.

    10 if you include F. Thurlow.

    Would have been up to 13 if Beams, GAJ and SMitchell didn’t have LTI’s.


  6. Swallow, Suckling. (Hanley and Mitchell in and out)

    Pendles, Libba, Murphy.

    Sandi (total 2175) Lobbe, (2037)
    Surprisingly only Goldi (2244) and Sauce (2409 total) did better.
    Currie, Thurlow.


    This was very interesting to look back!!

    OUT Beams ($593,800) IN Priddis ($632,000)
    ROUND 20
    OUT Pavlich ($383,500) IN Gray ($497,500)
    ROUND 19
    OUT Wingard ($370,700) IN Honeychurch ($146,200)
    OUT Swan ($429,100) IN Kennedy ($571,200)
    ROUND 18
    OUT Cameron ($183,800) IN Dahlhaus ($480,600)
    OUT Ablett ($673,400) IN Mitchell ($412,800)
    ROUND 16
    OUT Shenton ($329,000) IN Harvey ($599,900)
    OUT Ambrose ($300,700) IN Kersten ($123,900)
    ROUND 14
    OUT Wright ($347,900) IN Martin ($242,700)
    OUT Higgins ($415,900) IN Wingard ($390,500)
    ROUND 13
    OUT Tyson ($474,300) IN Hanley ($439,800)
    ROUND 12
    OUT Taylor ($287,500) IN Zorko ($403,800)
    OUT Langford ($327,400) IN Simpson ($594,200)
    ROUND 11
    OUT Lloyd ($221,500) IN Shenton ($155,300)
    OUT Langdon ($411,200) IN Bews ($123,900)
    ROUND 10
    OUT Dunstan ($326,000) IN Selwood ($549,500)
    OUT Kennedy-Harris ($300,600) IN Cameron ($122,400)
    ROUND 9
    OUT Hale ($406,700) IN Martin ($448,500)
    OUT Polec ($446,700) IN Acres ($127,300)
    OUT Yeo ($344,900) IN Bartel ($531,100)
    ROUND 8
    OUT Merrett ($346,000) IN Higgins ($387,800)
    OUT Mitchell ($500,400) IN Birchall ($452,200)
    ROUND 7
    OUT McDonald ($315,000) IN Yeo ($355,600)
    ROUND 6
    OUT Thomas ($367,800) IN Swan ($521,000)
    OUT Ellis ($278,100) IN Lloyd ($117,300)
    ROUND 5
    OUT Mitchell ($424,200) IN Wright ($403,300)
    OUT Hanley ($515,000) IN McVeigh ($523,700)
    ROUND 4
    OUT Caddy ($329,800) IN Merrett ($332,100)
    ROUND 3
    OUT Crouch ($117,300) IN Tyson ($216,800)
    OUT Rohan ($176,200) IN Ambrose ($102,400)

    Wow, failed mid pricer efforts everywhere, Rohan, Caddy, Tom Mitchell, Merrett, Daisy , X Ellis, Elliot Yeo, Missy, STILL managed to get this team to RANK 607 and worth $13,000,500 at ROUND 13 with 11 trades left, sadly went crashing downhill from there 🙁


  7. Said 7 in previous post, but forgot my FD Max King, so 8 from start to finish.

    Mostly premos, turned over the rookies to keep my ranking – lowest from round three when SC started was 248th. Now 42nd so satisfied with the strategy.

    Premos kept were:
    D Swallow, Danger, Libba, Cotchin, Sandi, Parker and McVeigh.

    Would’ve had Beams and Gunston but traded late. Also traded in/out due injury and then when available, Dollhouse and Sammy. Had Jaensch and Sauce from round three.

    No trades left for the GF.


  8. def: swallow, mcveigh, suckling, georgiou
    mid: pendles, liber
    ruck: sandi, currie
    for: danger, taylor (boomer till today) and traded franklin in and out…..
    would’ve liked to have got rid of suckling to malceski but with all the carnage never had the chance….


  9. 10 for me.

    Backs: McVeigh, Hanley,
    Mids: Pendlebury, JP Kennedy,
    Rucks: Sandilands, Minson, Currie, King,
    Forwards: Dangerfield, Martin

    Three interesting things for me:
    1. My ruck division used a total of zero trades again this year.
    2. Mitchell and Franklin were both in my round 1 team and my round 23 team, but went out during the year.
    3. Ablett and Beams would’ve been on this list without their LTIs


  10. Was interesting looking at my round 1 side with Langdon on the bench, players from the start. Swallow, Shaw, Pendles, Libba, Jacobs, Zorko, Danger, Martin, Hale, Langdon, Georgiou, Thurlow, King and had Mitchell round 1 and have him back in now.


  11. Def. Swallow.. Enright. McVeigh. Georgio I.
    Mid. Pendles. Rockliff.
    Ruck. Sauce. Sandi. Currie.
    Forward. Danger. Dusty. Gray.
    12 total
    Started with 4 Mid premo’s with beams and ablett now missing
    Lost patience with buddy early and flicked him to zorko.
    Nearly lost patience with enright but he has come good at the right time of year.


  12. McVeigh, Bartel, Suckling, Mitchell(out and back in)
    Sauce(my nomination for perennial of the year), Sandi, Thurlow, King.
    Dangerfield, D Martin.


  13. 11 total.

    Simpson, Hanley
    Rockliff, Pendles
    Jacobs, Sandi, King
    Danger, Martin, Roughie, Wingard

    If only I didn’t pick Wingard!

    However, overall sticking with your premos is a good strategy.
    Beams and Gaz would also be in there which would have equated to 12 premos from start to finish; which I think is a good aim for next year.


  14. Hadn’t thought about this till now but the only mid I started and finished with was Dal Santo!!
    Mids traded in during the year Ablett/Kelly, Pendlebury/Hallahan, Selwood/O’Brien, Fyfe,Barlow,Ward,Priddis,Lewis. Johnson and Swan both in/outs as well.
    Only solid line was ruck,Sauce,211,Currie& Derickx.
    Def Swallow and Bartel.
    For Danger, Chappy and (never got rid of MISSY)!!!


  15. Demons Of Darch
    Overall Rank 2704
    Average 2214
    Team Value Gained $3,495,800
    The Originals:
    D) McVeigh, Swallow, S Mitchell (traded in & out), Clurey.
    M) Beams, Cotchin, Pendlebury.
    R) Sandilands, Currie.
    F) Buddy, D Martin, Zorko, Dangerfield, McCarthy.
    14 if you include S Mitchell. I had a plan to play aggressive this year, trade hard, get the best team and save 5-6 trades for finals. Sort of worked, I made the granny for the first time in my main league, but have been cut down with injuries.

    Injury list (Forced Trades)
    S Mitchell

    Best Buys
    Polec+$20K to Goddard
    Hanley @ $424k
    Impey to S Martin plus got $35k change!!!! I made money out of Impey!!!

    Worst Trade
    R22 Fyfe to Priddis.
    R11 after not having the balls to go Hampson to Nic Nat I traded in Ryder
    Then in R12 decided I made a mistake and traded Ryder to NicNat.
    Buying Wingard.
    Buying Swan @ $550K


  16. Only 6 premo perennials

    B Smith, McVeigh, Libba, Sandilands, Dangerfield, Parker (love the way he plays the game).

    Had 4 rookies?
    McDonald, Georgiou, P Mitchell and Impey (could never get rid of him but he did play a lot of games and I needed him a few times).


  17. McVeigh, Suckling
    Pendlebury, Beams, Cotchin
    Sandilands, M.King, Thurlow
    Parker, Dangerfield, D.Martin, Pavlich

    Next years locks:
    Definitely get the midfield sorted as early as possible……namely Ablett, Rockliff, Fyfe and Pendlebury in there for sure……


  18. SuperCoach rookie here, so this should be good for a laugh.

    Def: Sam Day (failed DPP experiment with Watts)
    Mids: JPK, Beams, O’Meara
    Rucks: Sandilands, McIntosh
    Fwds: Roughy, Higgins

    Brought in Danger in rd 6, dropped him in rd 8 (spooked by the moonboot), back in rd 16….idiot. Finished up with a bench that included Ablett and AWalker and couldn’t trade out Beams either. Lesson for next year – make sure I still have trades left after round 16.


  19. Kept from the start to the end:

    D: Mcveigh, Simpson
    M; Pendels, Libba
    R: Sandi, Currie, Thurlow
    F: D.Martin, Danger


  20. Awesome idea and puts a lot into perspective.

    DEF: McVeigh
    MID: Pendles, M Murphy, O’Meara, N Jones
    RUCK: Sandi, Cox, King
    FORWARD: Danger

    My ruck line was surprisingly solid through the season. While Cox didn’t score as well as Mumford or Jacobs, I avoided a lot of injury carnage through the year. I traded in a couple of ruck/forward DPP options in Martin and Brown and I never had a ruck donut.


  21. 12 for me. 9 premos and the 3 rookies that never played and were wasted on my lines!! (didn’t mind Clurey and King I guess for loophole, but Currie was bad choice)

    D: McVeigh, Hanley, Clurey
    M: Pendles, Beams,
    R: Sandi, Currie, King
    F: Danger, Dusty, Pav, Zorko

    Worst trades:
    trading out Buddy early on and not being able to get him back in.
    Smurf instead of Rocky
    Minson instead of Goldy
    Fyfe for Ablett injury.



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