Perfect 9 – Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 14 2017

As always, the chances of winning The Perfect9 are slim to nil (about the same as a Powerball jackpot, if I’m not mistaken).ย  It is completely free to play however and there is a $185k Jackpot up for grabs in Rd17.ย  All you need to do is find the highest Supercoach score in each game over the weekend.ย  Simple! 😉ย  After twi big consecutive zeroes, I’m looking for some improvement in Rd17……..


My Tips For Rd17:


Dylan Roberton (STK vs Ess)

Patrick Dangerfield (GEE vs Haw)

Brad Ebert (PTA vs Nth)

Adam Treloar (COL vs Suns)

Josh Kelly (GWS vs Syd)

Clayton Oliver (MEL vs Adel)

Tom Rockliff (BRL vs Rich)

Sam Docherty (CAR vs Dogs)

Nat Fyfe (FRE vs Eagles)


What does your list look like?


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4 thoughts on “Perfect 9 – Rd17”

  1. My picks this week:

    STK vs ESS: Seb Ross
    GEE vs HAW: Patrick Dangerfield
    PTA vs NTH: Robbie Gray
    GCS vs COL: Jarryd Lyons
    GWS vs SYD: Luke Parker
    MEL vs ADE: Rory Laird
    RIC vs BRI: Dustin Martin
    CAR vs WBD: Bryce Gibbs
    FRE vs WCE: Nat Fyfe


  2. STK vs ESS: Tony Lockett
    GEE vs HAW: Garry Ablett senior
    PTA vs NTH: Wayne Carey
    GCS vs COL: Peter Daicos
    GWS vs SYD: Bob pratt
    MEL vs ADE: Gary Lyon
    RIC vs BRI: Kevin Bartlett
    CAR vs WBD: the flying dormat
    FRE vs WCE: Peter Sumich

    reckon I’ve nailed it this week !



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