Pinball Party Bus

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 6 2017

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What started as a weekend hobby of restoring old pinball machines has now culminated in the Pinball Party Bus…………A mobile Pinball Arcade, the FIRST OF ITS KIND!

Pinball Party Bus Owner, Mick & his Son Dion have restored more than 20 machines over the last few years with the majority being sold online.  After rising requests for the individual hiring of the Pinballs, these Retro Gamers set their sights on a unique idea…………a mobile Pinball Arcade that can be hired out for various Functions & Events……….The Pinball Party Bus was born!  Instead of hiring out single machines, The Pinball Party Bus drives to your Event where your guests can simply hop on and play.

‘This is our World Premiere coming up…….we’ve checked the net for something similar and come up with nothing.  This is the first Pinball Party Bus in existence’ – Mick (Owner).


Pinballs that are currently available on the Bus include The Simpsons-1990, The Addams Family, Family Guy, CueBall Wizard, and Simpsons Pinball Party. Also inside is a 60-in-one Tabletop Arcade machine, with classic games such as Donkey Kong, Pacman, Frogger and Space Invaders.

The Pinball Party Bus is now available for hire in Melbourne.  Whether it be a Corporate Function, School Fete, Music Festival, Sporting Function, Food Truck Festival, Birthday Party , Work Social……..anything!  You bring the guests, they’ll bring the Pinballs!

For SuperCoachTalk readers only:  The good people at Pinball Party Bus have been kind enough to extend their ‘Launch Offer’ (50% off!) till the end of October for us all.  Just mention SuperCoachTalk when making your booking 😉

For more information, head to their website:


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6 thoughts on “Pinball Party Bus”

  1. Really like the idea of a pinball party bus, and I really like the disclaimer that’s it’s sponsored content on the home page – no clickbait crap – good ideas all round


    1. Admittedly there hasn’t been too much sponsored content this year. We try to make mention of it so you have the choice to read through or skip over. But you gotta admit…..this is a pretty cool idea 😉



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