2018 Player Review – Nat Fyfe

Written by Thommo on January 5 2018

Fyfe if fighting fit for 2018…

Position:    Midfielder

Price:          $597,900

2017 Average: 108.8

2017 Games: 21

Past Averages (2016 – 2012): 105, 124, 122, 106, 94

2017 in brief:

Coming back from a shocking leg injury that ruined his 2016 season, many coaches thought Fyfe was good value to start the season and they were kind of right. I vaguely remembered a bad start to the year but Fyfe actually started well with 5 straight tonnes and an average of 114 points per game.

Unfortunately the wheels fell off after that.

Fyfe still tried hard over the next 7 rounds leading up to the bye, but he struggled to impact matches. Despite a few high possessions counts, his Supercoach scores dropped significantly and he only posted 1 tonne (104) in those 7 weeks. Finally when he reached his bye, we discovered Fyfe had suffered thigh bruising then a sternum injury and simply needed a break. After that two week lay-off, he returned a new man.

#Fyfeislife was trending.

From rounds 15-23, Fyfe averaged 121 points per week making him one of the form Supercoach scorers in that time as he reminded us how good he can be. Despite his form fluctuating drastically across 2017, that final 8 week stretch was so good it dragged his averages up to 26 possessions, 5 marks, 5 tackles and just under 1 goal per match, healthy figures for an inconsistent Supercoach season.


  1. His high contested possession count and ability to take contested marks makes him suited to the Supercoach scoring system, meaning he has a high ceiling and is a reasonably consistent scorer (when fit). In his best years of 2014-15, he dropped below 100 just 6 times from 40 matches with a high of 171 (from 28 possessions!).
  2. Despite spending a lot of time forward, Fyfe collects disposals rapidly. In his best year of 2015 he averaged 29 possessions per game.
  3. Due to his contested game and strength, Fyfe is difficult to tag.
  4. Fyfe is more than 10 points undervalued if he can return to the glory years of 2014-15.
  5. Few players have averaged over 120 in back-to-back years, yet Fyfe managed it.
  6. He looked like he was in beast mode during the International Series.


  1. Injuries, injuries, injuries. Since 2013, Fyfe has only averaged 16.2 matches per year and he has NEVER played every game in a season.
  2. He’s too good a forward for his (and our) own good. Whenever he gets a bit sore, Fyfe gets moved forward. Whenever Freo is struggling to kick goals, he also gets used as a forward. Unfortunately either of those two things happens most weeks!
  3. I don’t care what anyone says: He has bad hair.
  4. The Ross factor. You just never know when Lyon is going to stuff around with the team structure. FURL!


It seems like Fyfe is finally fit, free of the aftereffects of that leg injury and ready to pump out consistent 120+ point scores. BUT, and this is a damn big, Stewie Dew sized BUT, Fyfe will probably not play 22 games in 2018. Despite him captaining the Dockers, we all know Ross Lyon will be sure to rest him at least once in the year even if he somehow remains fit. So if you want big scores then vote #Fyfeislife but structure your team with enough durable mids that you can afford to lose him for two weeks in the season.


Every year, we get these gut feelings that either give us an edge or lead us astray. I tend to ignore mine, by this year I have decided it is time to listen to the gut!

So, regarding Mr Fyfe, my gut says that he is a proud man and he will want to start 2018 like a raging bull. I know he has no chance of playing the entire season but my gut keeps telling me that Fyfe will be so dominant early that his non-owners will regret not owning him.

My mind says pass based on durability but my gut has almost convinced me to take him early and given him the flick for a fallen premium when he inevitably gets injured or Ross Lyoned.

Will you start Fyfe in 2018 (if he has a full preseason)?

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6 thoughts on “2018 Player Review – Nat Fyfe”

  1. No doubt he will miss games. But so too will many other premos.

    At least a midfielder getting a week off here or there is easier to cover than most positions.

    Given a good preseason run, his performance in the late 2017 season and the international series makes him a lock at this price.

    A very entertaining write up, even if we were all gonna go there anyway. Great stuff.


    1. Cheers HH.

      He’ll be popular but there will be a few who start without him as a point of difference and to save them the pain of losing injured players.

      Any faint whiff of injury between now and Round 1 and I’m out!


  2. Ripped apart the International rules games looked like a beast atm he’s not in my side but i can see him coming in easily



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