Player Review: Adam Treloar

Written by Thommo on January 13 2017


Dob: 09/03/1993

Team: Collingwood

Position: Midfield

Supercoach Price: $605,400

2016 Average: 111.3

2016 Games: 22

Bye Round: 13

Past (2015-2012): 106, 107, 87, 83


Age/Durability: *****

Not only did Treloar average 21 matches per year for the past 3 years, he’s averaged 20.4 matches per year across his entire career. How durable is that? Turning 24 in season #6, Treloar is primed to play some of the best football of his career.

2016 Form: *****

Treloar hardly missed a beat in his first season with the Pies, racking up over 30 possessions in 5 of his first 6 matches. Across the season he recorded 16 tonnes from his 22 games and he only failed to record another 5 tonnes due to clangers and poor disposal efficiency. Amazingly he averaged 31 possessions and 6 tackles per match in a brilliant year!

Consistency: ***

In 2016 many players joined a frustrating new club including those who racked up 30+ possessions yet didn’t score a tonne. Three times Treloar managed that crappy feat in 2016!

All up he scored in the 80s on four occasions to go with a 73 (from 31 possessions) and a 98. Everything else was a century.

Ceiling: ***

Treloar racks up enough touches to go large but he hasn’t made it a habit yet. To date he scores a monster total 2-3 times per year including a 169 in 2016, a 157 in 2015 and 176 in 2014 but he’s got a lot of room for improvement.

Tag: ***

Due to his age and deep midfields at Collingwood and GWS, Treloar has rarely been tagged so the sample size is small. Twice Curnow tagged him in 2016, once he tonned up, once he scored an 81 from 23 possessions and 5 tackles. If you’re an owner, pray that teams continue to focus on Pendlebury (and maybe Wells) for another year.

Value: **

Unless he goes full beast-mode, Treloar will be lucky to increase his output by more than 10 points per game (a total of 121 or more per game). Feel free to tell me I’m wrong.

Overall: ***1/2

Treloar was really only marked down because of wasted opportunities in 2016. If he can turn those sub-100 scores from 30 possession games into consistent tonnes as they should be, he will turn into an uber-gun with a high ceiling.

Verdict: My motto for 2017 is: Durability is key. For that reason I am keen on Treloar who is young enough to have upside and rarely misses a game. Now watch Buckley start him in a forward pocket!

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13 thoughts on “Player Review: Adam Treloar”

  1. Very limited pre-season last year and still banged out an 111 average. With Pendles back in the engine room for support after his niggles early last season and Grundy starting to hit his straps late last season, it’s only up from here.

    I’m expecting 115-118 this season and he’s locked in at my M4.


  2. Plenty of coaches jumping on Bont as the next super premo but I think Treloar is the most likely to jump into the 115+ group so I’ll be starting him this year.


  3. I’m still in shock from his SC GF performance last year against the Hawks, where he didn’t touch the ball in the first quarter and still smashed out a 150!


    1. I’m glad, anything less that 129 and he would have been priced in the $5xxk range which would have certainly made him stand out a lot more.


  4. Supercoaches, if you want any player in particular reviewed, just let me know. I’m only up to monday at the moment.

    For me right now, Treloar looks mighty fine alongside Danger and Fyfe in my engine room.


        1. Thommo – g’day!!

          Yep – I agree with Luke.

          It’s looking like we will have to start with Dahl + Heeney / Macrae / Caddy / Ryder, plus 3 – 4 mid or lower priced forwards, so be great to get a review on blokes like:

          Riley Knight
          Cam McCarthy
          Josh Thomas
          A Black

          It will be choosing between 1 – 2 of these “slightly more experienced” guys versus the higher priced rooks (McCluggage, Bowes) this year I reckon.



          1. Thanks Brett, I was going to avoid rookies for now but I’ll chuck a couple of bargain basement guys in. I read recently that Knight was looking great. Tearing up the track in fact….



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