Player Review: Harley Bennell

Written by Thommo on January 24 2017

Methinks he looks a little too happy!
Methinks he looks a little too happy!

Dob: 02/10/1992

Team: Fremantle

Position: Midfield/Forward

Supercoach Price: $387,000

2016 Average: DNP

2015 Average: 100

2015 Games: 15

Bye Round: 13

Past (2014-2011): 96, 97, 97, 69


Age/Durability: *

Bennell has played 45 matches in 4 years and only received 1 star for durability because I didn’t think to create a rating system with less than 1 star. To put his record in perspective, Bennell has played less matches than Higgins in the past 5 years.

2015 Form: ****

Bennell was pretty good drifting through the midfield and forward line, racking up 6 scores over 100 in 15 matches and dropping below 80 on only 3 occasions (all 70s). He averaged 24 possessions and 4 tackles per match and kicked 11 goals, 15 behinds for the year.

When his calf holds up, Bennell can play!

Consistency: ***

In 2015, Bennell dropped below 100 in 9 of his 15 matches but had a low score of 70 for the season so he has a pretty good standard deviation. Now that he has forward eligibility, he’ll be one of the most consistent scorers in that position (if he plays).

Ceiling: **

Because he has missed so many games it is hard to rate his ceiling, but Bennell has scored over 130 in a quarter of the matches in which he has scored over 100. I feel like a broken record, but the guy just needs to stay fit.

Tag: NA

Bennell has not been tagged enough to really rate this area. With Fyfe and Neale around, is anyone going to bother tagging him early in the season?

Value: *****

He’s priced at about 71 points per match and will comfortably average over 95 if he plays. That’s value!

Overall: ***

You know what I’m going to say here: If he plays he is undoubtable worth having. If he plays…


Before he went to Germany to be injected with the blood of some Vestal Virgins, Bennell was not even on my radar. Now that he’s back and could play Round 1, I’m undecided. Is he worth the risk?

With the dearth of forwards in 2017, he’s currently in my team but if I catch even the faintest whiff of a calf injury.

No soup for you!

In case you needed a reminder: Harley knows how to party!
In case you needed a reminder: Harley knows how to party!

Is Harley Bennell worth the risk?

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4 thoughts on “Player Review: Harley Bennell”

  1. This post has been the highlight of your preseason so far, Thommo. Vestal Virgins, the Higgins comparison and then the ‘Harface’ pic. Brilliant!

    Not touching him with a 10 foot pole.


  2. I’m loving the star ratings thommo
    At that price he is deffaintly worth it but is too much of a risk with staying fit plus we don’t really know his role yet


    1. Thanks Twitch.

      I reckon you can guarantee decent scores out of him once he gets up to speed and surely he’ll rotate between the forward line and wing. However, once an injury-prone tool, forever an injury prone tool.

      I’ll be surprised if he’s in my team come Rd 1.



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