Player Review: Isaac Heeney

Written by Thommo on January 20 2017

Heeney is working hard to win a midfield role!
Heeney is working hard to win a midfield role!

Dob: 5/05/1996

Team: Sydney

Position: Midfield/Forward

Supercoach Price: $433,400

2016 Average: 79.7

2016 Games: 20 (+4 finals)

Bye Round: 11

Past (2015): 69


Age/Durability: ***

Heeney has only played 2 seasons so it is hard to rate his durability. In 2015 he missed 8 matches with injury, 7 of those through a knee injury, but in 2016 he only missed 2 AFL matches, 1 for a rest and the other when he returned through the NEAFL.

Turning 21 in 2017, the only guarantee for Heeney is that Longmire will rest him at some stage in the season.

2016 Form: **

As with all of these up-and-coming stars in their early career, it is not about what they have done in the past but what the future promises. And Heeney has plenty of promise. Whenever teams have not paid him enough respect on a half-forward flank he has torn them apart, 5 times kicking 4 goals or more despite only playing 38 matches. When he has moved in to the midfield, mainly a wing, he has won plenty of the ball and impacted games. His ability to influence a game was plain to see in the final term of the 2017 Grand Final when he tried to drag his team over the line against the Doggies.

Talking Supercoach scoring, Heeney can rack up the points, 7 times scoring 100+. In a sign that Supercoach will be his game, Heeney averaged 79 SC points per game (only 73 in Dreamteam) despite only averaging 15 disposals, 4 marks and 4 tackles per match (and 26 goals for the year). Imagine if he pushes his total disposals over 20 per match!

Consistency: *

Switching between the forward line and wing, Heeney’s scores fluctuated wildly in 2016. 9 times he scored under 70, the lowest of those a 33 against the Bulldogs in Round 15 while conversely he scored 90+ points on 7 occasions.

So even if Heeney plays on a wing, you’ll have to expect the odd shocker!

Ceiling: ***

Again, the sample size is small but from his 7 scores over 100, Heeney has twice scored over 130 (a 134 and a 145). It’s too early to make a call on his ceiling but it seems likely that he’ll score well enough at times to offset his shockers!

Tag: *****

With that midfield, who’s tightly checking him unless he’s playing forward?

Value: ****??

Let’s face it, you’re not selecting Heeney unless you believe he can average 95-100 per week which represents a 15-20 point increase on his average.

That’s the real question isn’t it!

Overall: **1/2

On his 2016 averages, Heeney doesn’t rate overly well, mostly due to his inconsistent scoring. He can go large but those sub-60 scores are worrying.


This is what makes Supercoach so tough: knowing which player will break-out! You can’t possibly select Heeney based on his 2016 season but he was pretty impressive in patches, particularly in finals.

So will he replace Tom Mitchell in the midfield and boost his average significantly or will he remain too inconsistent to keep?

At this stage he’s out for me but let’s see what the preseason brings.

Will you select Isaac Heeney for your forward line in 2017?

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