Player Review: Jarryd Roughead

Written by Thommo on January 23 2017

Let's hope we see more of this from Big Rough in 2017!
Let’s hope we see more of this from Big Rough in 2017!

Dob: 23/01/1987

Team: Hawthorn

Position: Forward

Supercoach Price: $367,100

2016: DNP

*2015 Average: 96.4

*2015 Games: 20 (+4 finals)

Bye Round: 13

Past (2014-2011): 96, 98, 104, 101


Please note that I am going to rate Roughie on his 2015 (and prior) form.

Age/Durability: ****

The Hawks initially decided against treating Jarryd Roughead’s mild PCL tear after the 2015 season but it didn’t clear up with rest alone. This led to an operation late in the preseason and as a result Roughie missed the first 8 rounds of the year. The knee injury was quickly forgotten with the terrible news that the skin cancer removed from his lip in 2015 had metastasized to his lungs. You know the rest of the story of 2016.

Ignoring 2016, Roughie has been super durable. He missed 2 games in 2015 from the original cancer treatment, 2 in 2014 through suspension and none in 2013 and 2012. So in total Roughie only missed 8 games through injury in the four years since he tore his Achilles in 2011.

2015 Form: ***

As all key forwards do, Roughead put in a few shockers in 2015 with 6 sub-80 scores across the season. He counterbalanced this with 7 scores over 100 and that is not counting his finals series in 2015 when he scored 101, 87, 110 and 101. All up, 2015 was a pretty decent season for a tall forward.

Consistency: *

It is generally believed that Buddy leaving allowed Roughie to showcase his talent but it hasn’t helped his Supercoach scoring which has become quite inconsistent.

Post-Buddy he was forced to spend less time in the ruck and received the best defender when he played forward. In 2012, Roughie only scored less than 80 on one occasion, in 2013 on 5 occasions and then 7 times in both 2014 and 2015. This change was also evident in Roughie’s hit-out count which peaked at 181 hit-outs in 2012 and bottomed out at 16 hit-outs in 2014.

As Roughie spent some time in the midfield in 2015 his disposal count was a stellar 19 per match, a career high and impressive for a key forward. His scoring may become more consistent in 2017 if Vickery’s arrival allows for more of this midfield time.

Ceiling: **

There’s no question Roughead has a high ceiling as he has pumped out highs of 173 in 2015 and 184 in 2014, but on average he only scores over 140 once or twice per year.

Tag: *****

He’s received the best defender since Buddy left post-2013 so don’t expect that to adversely affect his scoring output.

Value: *****

Roughead is priced at an average of approximately 68 yet he hasn’t averaged less than 90 since 2010 ( when he averaged 78). You can’t question the value of Roughie at this price.

Overall: ***1/2

Roughie’s value and durability to injury make him a strong overall pick, just don’t expect consistent scoring.


A few weeks ago I questioned how quickly Roughead would be rushed back by the Hawks after suffering such a serious illness. Then the Hawks named him Captain!

If Roughie plays he’s massively under-priced so given the lack of forward options in 2017, you have to consider him. Let’s just hope the big fella stays healthy for his sake!

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8 thoughts on “Player Review: Jarryd Roughead”

  1. I can’t help but feel genuine love for this man.

    Supercoach wise he is very hard to look past but i don’t reckon he will hit his full straps until round five on. He has missed alot of footy.


    1. That’s the beauty of Roughie’s role. If he struggles up forward he’ll have a run in the midfield and grab a few extra possessions.

      Also the Hawks play 8 of their first 9 games at the MCG or Launceston, the 1 away game against Gold Coast at Metricon.


  2. I have enjoyed all your analysises analyses anslysis’ write ups Thommo but none more than this. Thanks very much.


  3. Was on my radar early on, the Hawks giving him Captaincy is great news and shows faith, at that price he is hard to ignore.



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