Player Review: Joel Selwood

Written by Thommo on January 16 2017

Will we see free kicks like this in 2017?
Will we see free kicks for this in 2017?

Dob: 26/05/1988

Team: Geelong

Position: Midfield

Supercoach Price: $606,600

2016 Average: 111.5

2016 Games: 22

Bye Round: 12

Past (2015-2011): 105, 121, 118, 117, 112


Age/Durability: *****

The amazing thing about Selwood is not that he doesn’t get injured, it’s that he carries injuries and plays through them week in, week out. Even with an interrupted preseason due to plantar fasciitis he played every match in 2016.

Remarkably Jelwood has played all but 2 games in the last 4 years. Now that’s durable!!

2016 Form: *****

As mentioned, Selwood missed the preseason with Plantar Fasciitis but still started 2016 with 6 scores over 100 in the first 7 rounds. Across the season he only had 6 scores below 100, 16 above and averaged 28 possessions and 6 tackles per match. A decent improvement on his disappointing 2015 season with the introduction of Dangerfield!

Consistency: ***

Although he improved from 2015, Selwood still put in 3 sub-80 scores and 3 scores in the 80s. Everything else was a tonne. Across the last few seasons, Selwood has been consistently pumping out scores between 110 and 120 with the exception of his troubled 2015 year. Like Rory Sloane, he gives you pretty reliable scores.

Ceiling: ***

Since his stellar 2014 season, Jelwood hasn’t pumped out many 150+ scores (only 3 in the past 2 seasons) but he will give you plenty of scores in the 130s and 140s, especially at the Cattery.

Tag: *

Selwood doesn’t like a heavy tag, as shown by his failure to score a single tonne from the last 10 games in which he was tightly marked. Thankfully, with Dangerfield’s arrival Selwood was only heavily tagged twice in the 2016 season versus 8 times in 2015. When he was tagged for an entire match in 2016 (Collingwood, Rd 9 and Carlton, Rd 10) he scored a 72 and an 80 so his Supercoaches will hope the taggers don’t come back in 2017!

Value: *

With (hopefully) a full preseason, Selwood should be able to push his SC scores back up by 5-10 points. That’s not much value but with a starting price of $606k, any growth is appreciated!

Overall: ***

Like Rory Sloane, Jelwood should give you what he’s priced at or just above for 22 matches, especially if the taggers stay away!

Verdict: The Cats have a pretty decent start to the year, with 9 matches in Victoria and only the 2 away matches against Fremantle (Rd 1) and Gold Coast (Rd 7) in the first half-year. In addition, Jelwood has already returned to training for 2017 so he should be able to comfortably reach or surpass his 111 average. Hopefully any re-interpretation of the high contact rule doesn’t affect him too much.

I’m warming to him in my midfield!

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8 thoughts on “Player Review: Joel Selwood”

  1. Outside of SC I’m not a fan of Dusty Martin but he’s been a staple in my SC side. 😛

    Selwood’s always an upgrade target for me. He’ll bottom out in price at some point. Last year was an unknown with Danger, but I’m reasonably confident Dangerwood will dominate again. Bye rounds target for me.


    1. Why don’t you like a fine upstanding citizen like Chopstix, Fi?

      Fair call on Selwood, he always puts in a quiet patch where he drops in price. Round 13 upgrade makes sense.



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