Player Review: Josh Caddy

Written by Thommo on January 19 2017

Looks weird in a Tigers' top!
Caddy looks weird in a Tigers’ top!

Dob: 28/09/1992

Team: Richmond

Position: Midfield-Forward

Supercoach Price: $488,600

2016 Average: 89.8

2016 Games: 16

Bye Round: 12

Past (2015-2012): 93, 77, 60, 62


Age/Durability: **

Caddy has not played a full season since 2012 and only averaged 16 matches per year in the last 3 seasons. Durable, he is not.

2016 Form: ***

It was an inconsistent year from Caddy after a strong 2015 season. Every few weeks he would play a blinder either with important goals up forward or as an inside midfielder, but then he would disappear for a few weeks. Despite that inconsistent form and spending a fair bit of time forward, Caddy did average a respectable 21 possessions and 4 tackles per match to go with his 18 goals for the year.

Consistency: **

As mentioned above, Caddy was inconsistent in 2016 with 2 sub-70 scores and 4 scores in the 70s. Conversely he only crossed 100 on 4 occasions. To be fair, this was a direct result of Caddy’s role varying between the forward line and midfield and should improve if he receives more midfield time at Punt Road.

Ceiling: **

Once again, Caddy’s results are tainted by his variable role. For Geelong he only recorded 4 scores of 100+ in 2016 and none of those scores exceeded 130, but when he was left in an inside midfield role such as against the Bulldogs in Round 16, 2015 (Selwood was out), Caddy pumped out a SC score of 166. So we know he can do it if given the chance.

Tag: *****

To date Caddy has not been damaging enough to earn attention and with Cotchin being so susceptible to a tag, whose going to tag Caddy in 2017?

Value: *

Historically Caddy’s best average was in 2015 when he knocked out 93 from 19 games so Caddy is really only 5 points under-priced. That said, he has forward eligibility and he’s likely to spend more time in the midfield to support Cotchin and Prestia so he may offer more value in 2017.

Your call on what affect that will have on his Supercoach output but an average near 100 seems likely, good enough to consider him for a forward line spot.

Overall: **1/2

Rating on past history is unfair on players who have switched teams, especially if they change roles, so this rating may be a little low. It does, however, highlight Caddy’s fitness issues.


As mentioned, Caddy is probably 10 points undervalued if he spends more time playing an inside midfield role. On top of that the Tigers have a pretty decent draw with a good first 5 games (4 at the MCG against Carlton, Collingwood, West Coast and Melbourne and 1 away to Brisbane) before a tough stretch against Adelaide (A), Western Bulldogs (A), Fremantle (H) and GWS (A). That makes him tempting but his injury issues have scared me off.

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5 thoughts on “Player Review: Josh Caddy”

  1. Caddy may score well if given some mid minutes but those games missed numbers aren’t pretty. I’m taking a couple of injury risk players on other lines so at this stage it’s a pass for me.



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