Player Review: Leigh Montagna

Written by Thommo on February 1 2017

Google an image of Montagna and this pops up! Who knew?
Did anyone else know Montagna was a place?

Dob: 02/09/1983

Team: St Kilda

Position: Defence

Supercoach Price: $538,100

2016 Average: 98.91

2016 Games: 22

Bye Round: 11

Past (2015-2012): 111, 89, 115, 99, 101, 115, 125

Draw: Mel (ES), WC (DS), Bri (ES), Col (ES), Gee (ES), Haw (US), GWS (ES), Car (ES), Syd (ES), WB (ES), Bye, Ade (AO), NM (ES), GC (ES), Fre (DS), Ric (ES), Ess (ES), Syd (SCG), Por (AO), WC (ES), Mel (MCG), NM (ES), Ric (MCG)


Age/Durability: ****

In the last 5 years (pretty much since he turned 30) Joey has averaged 20.4 matches per year. So what was that rule about not picking players in their 30s?

2016 Form: ****

Look, whether you like Montagna or not, you have to admit that he has as many ups-and-downs as a one-legged jack-rabbit. In the last 10 years his average has fluctuated by as many as 22 points from one year to the next.

2016 appeared to be one of the ‘down’ years but he still averaged 99 SC points and 27 possessions per game, down from 29 in 2015, and he also recorded less contested ball and less tackles (3 tackles per match, his lowest since 2008).

Consistency: *

Joey fluctuates almost as much in a season as he does from year to year. In 2016 his best score was 105 points higher than his worst, so Mr Consistent he is not. In total he managed 11 scores of 100+ and 8 scores of less than 80,with a low of 45 (the week I traded him in, I believe!).

Ceiling: ***

Once upon a time, Montagna pumped out monster scores regularly but he has dropped off a little with less time spent on-ball. Still, even with 2016 being a bit of a down year he scored 150 off of a 40 touch effort against the Pies in Round 3 and he also crossed 130 twice.

When you cop the lows, you might as well enjoy the highs as well!

Tag: *****

It seems unlikely that Montagna will receive undue attention with the rising of midfield stars like Steven and Ross. You would assume that he might have been tagged with some of his poor scores in 2016 but he just didn’t turn up some weeks!

Value: ***

It’s hard to judge his value. Montagna once averaged 125 in a season (2009) but he won’t do that again while playing in these forward or defensive roles.

So what can he average?

Since he’s twice averaged 110+ in the last 4 years, it seems likely that Joey can comfortably average between 100 and 110 again. Let’s say there’s 5-10 points of upside and cross our fingers.

Overall: ***1/2

He has poor consistency and limited upside but otherwise Montagna rates pretty well as a pure defender.


Without checking the stats, I assumed that playing 8 games before the bye at Etihad Stadium would help Montagna but he only averaged 90.5 points from 14 matches there in 2016. It was at the MCG that he excelled with 133 points from 3 games, but unfortunately the Saints don’t play there until Round 21.

So while it’s likely Montagna will be a top 6 defender, his inconsistent scoring means you can afford to wait until his mid-year bye.

So who's going to share the love with Monty?
So who’s going to share the love with Monty?

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9 thoughts on “Player Review: Leigh Montagna”

  1. L Montagna:
    Durability: 208/220 ( missed 12 games in the past 10 seasons with 5 in 2015)
    Consistency: 0-79: 33/208
    80+: 175/208
    100+: 122/208
    120+: 66/208
    Etihad Stadium 2016 avg: 97 from 14 (low of 65 and a high of 130, 2/14 below 80, 8/14 below 100, 2/14 120+)
    Etihad stadium career avg: 106.9 from 134
    MCG 2016 avg: 133.33 from 3 ( low of 116 and a high of 150, 2/3 130+)
    MCG career avg: 101.2 from 31
    Time of day averages 2016:
    Afternoon: 105.75 from 12 ( low of 70 and a high of 150, 5/12 below 100, 4/12 120+)
    Twilight: 86.8 from 5 ( low of 45 and a high of 110, 4/5 below 100)
    Night: 94.6 from 5 ( low of 65 and a high of 155, 2/5 below 100)
    Saturday: 100.18 from 11 ( low of 65 and a high of 150, 5/11 below 100, 2/11 120+)
    Sunday: 97.64 from 11 ( low of 45 and a high of 130, 6/11 below 100, 2/11 120+)
    Avg against top 9 teams of 2016: 95 from 10 ( low of 45 and a high of 130, 4/10 below 100, 1/10 120+)
    Avg against bottom 9: 102.17 from 12 (low of 70 and a high of 150, 7/12 below 100, 3/12 120+)
    Avg 2016 wins: 104.42 from 12 ( low of 65 and a high of 150, 6/12 below 100, 3/12 120+)
    Avg 2016 losses: 92.3 from 10 (low of 45 and a high of 130, 5/10 below 100, 1/10 120+)


  2. Defence is the hardest line for me this year, there’s none I’m happy with other than Laird.
    Remember last year when we said ‘defenders over $500k are too expensive’? Now everyone’s rushing to get Docherty, Simmo and Heater into their sides, and all three are close to $600k.
    Docherty has had one good year (a pretty damn good one, at that), so I’m not about to pay more than some of the premium miss for him.
    Simpson always averages around 90-95, so he’s overpriced.
    Shaw’s role has been questioned, with guys like Williams in the team, so I feel his output will drop.
    Rance always dips in price, being a KPP.
    Montagna can always be picked up cheaper after a few crap games.
    Adams is made of glass.
    JJ is in a similar boat to Docherty, not sure if he can keep his form going.
    I’m seriously tempted to run with Vince at this point, as I know I’ll get a reliable 90-95 average out of him without breaking the bank.


    1. I antialiasing think Montagna is one of the best picks in defence your overpaying a little bit but I feel like he is the safest pick in terms of knowing what your getting


    2. Not sure where the query over Shaw’s role has come from. He’s the best at it in the league, and can’t really play anywhere else.

      He’s a proven premium who hasn’t missed a game in over two years.


      1. He only averaged 89 points in the second half of last year, when Williams stepped up. I’m not about to pay close to $600k for a bloke who’s likely to average 90.



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