Player Review: Max Gawn

Written by Thommo on January 25 2017

Like Moses returning from Mount Sinai...
Like Moses returning from Mount Sinai…

Dob: 30/12/1991

Team: Melbourne

Position: Ruck

Supercoach Price: $645,000

2016 Average: 118.55

2016 Games: 22

Bye Round: 11

Past (2015-2012): 102, 62, 67, 55


Age/Durability: ****

Max Gawn has only averaged 14.6 AFL games per year in the last 3 years but that was all based on form and the lack of coordination of tall men. If you include his VFL games in his totals he has averaged a respectable 20+ matches in the past 4 years along with a full 22 matches in 2016.

2016 Form: *****

Maxy started inconsistently, mixing 5 sub-100 scores with 4 centuries in the first 9 rounds. The sub-100 scores included an ugly 49 points against the Ruck-killing Bulldogs and 56 points against the Lions (go figure!). The 4 tonnes included massive scores of 160, 172 and 174 points.

From Round 10 onwards, Maxy truly hit his stride, pumping out 11 scores over 100 and just 2 under, a 98 and a 63. After this stretch he was widely considered to have supplanted Todd Goldstein as the premier ruckman of the competition.

Consistency: **

As mentioned above, Maxy scored like an ECG to start the season but levelled out in the second half of the season. If the second half of the year is any guide, his consistency will improve in 2017.

Ceiling: *****

6 scores over 150 with a high of 174! Now that is a ceiling!

Tag: NA

Who’s going to tag a 208cm ruckman?

Value: **

With the abolition of the third-man-up rule and with Gawn reaching the peak age for a ruckman, he should be able to even-out that early season inconsistency and increase his average by 5-10 points.

Overall: ***1/2

Only his high price tag and early season inconsistency has prevented an even higher score for Maxy.


It’s Round 3 and your midfield, backline and forward lines all do their job and you are 100 points up and you have NicNat and Stefan Martin facing Goldstein and Gawn.

“Self,” you say, “Goldy and Maxy are playing each other this week. I am golden!”

Then you shed a tear as Maxenstein pumps out a combined SC score of 344 and you lose by lots.

“Self,” you say (we talk a lot), “next season you are starting with Gawn and Goldy.”

A few months have passed and with North’s impending “I can’t believe it’s not a rebuild”, I’ve cooled on Goldy a little as he may struggle with the hit-out to advantage aspect of Supercoach in 2017. But, with the third man up rule change and Melbourne seemingly on the rise, I’m getting in on the ground floor with Max.

Go Beardus Maximus!

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7 thoughts on “Player Review: Max Gawn”

  1. Locked in and hadn’t moved until yesterday when I moved Gawn/Swallow/Macrae out for Goldy/Heppell/Roughead.

    Just can’t help to look past ruck trends:
    – Rucks have never improved on a 112+ season the very next year.
    – The only time a ruck has even gone back-to-back 112+ seasons was Dean Cox in 2011/12, who dropped from a 122 average to 112.
    – No ruck has ever had averaged 114+ twice.
    Goldstein (129, 113.5, 113.2, 108)
    Cox (122, 112.3, 111.8, 111.1)
    Sandilands (114, 112.6, 110.8, 108)
    Mumford (114.2, 112.6, 105.7, 99)
    Jacobs (115.4, 108, 102.1, 93)
    Maric (113.4, 100 ………)
    Minson (114, 95 ………)
    An average of 105-114 seems to be the standard for rucks with one year above 114.

    No doubt he will be top 2 ruck again and I will probably chicken out and put Gawn back in but stats don’t lie.


    1. One thing about that history is for the most part the 5 points for a HOTA wasn’t in effect and now the no third man up can only help guys like Max. I’m backing him to go 114+ and break the trend.


    2. Nice summary Hutta. I was aware of the weird ruck trend after Goldy succumbed to it last year but Maxy has the feel of a man on the up.

      The way I see it, Melbourne is on the improve, he has no conpetition for his spot, he dominates hit-out to advantage and there will be no more Threesomes ruining his mojo at the ruck contest.

      Now watch him crash and burn!


  2. Dammit Thommo, I was all smug and satisfied with my Grundy-Ryder theory, and then you drop this amusing and irritating review, filled with logic and amusing irritation.
    Fine, I’ll reconsider my ruck strategy for the umpteenth time and get back to you.



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