Player Review: Sam Docherty

Written by Thommo on January 30 2017

Sam Docherty 2017

Dob: 17/10/1993

Team: Carlton

Position: Defence

Supercoach Price: $591,600

2016 Average: 108.73

2016 Games: 22

Bye Round: 11

Past (2015-2012): 88, 77, 53

Draw (1-23): Rich (MCG), Melb (MCG), Ess (MCG), GC (ES), PA (AO), Syd (MCG), Coll (MCG), StK (ES), Fre (DS), NM (ES), BYE, GWS (ES), GC (MS), Rich (MCG), Ade (MCG), Mel (MCG), WB (MCG), Bri (G), Gee (ES), Ess (MCG), WC (DS), Haw (ES), Syd (SCG)


Age/Durability: ****

Doc played all 22 games in 2016 but this was the first time he has played the maximum matches in a year.  Still, playing 61 of a total 66 games since moving to Carlton is pretty impressive.

2016 Form: *****

Believe it or not, Docherty started the season a little slowly with 3 scores under 100 in the first 6 weeks and an average score of 96. From then he really exploded with 13 centuries from the next 16 weeks and a low score of 79. That’s an average of 113 over 16 weeks.

He earned those 5 stars!

Consistency: ****

As mentioned above, Doc only dropped below 100 on 6 occasions in 2016 with a low of 76. That’s 16 tonnes across 22 games! Even Pendlebury dropped below 100 on 4 occasions in 2016!

Ceiling: ***

When it comes to ceiling, Doc is no Heath Shaw, but nor is he a dickhead! (Sorry Heater). In 2016 he twice scored in the 140s, twice in the 130s and twice in the 120s but otherwise he just scored normal old 100s.

Can we really complain?

Tag: *****

Hopefully Motts can correct me if I am wrong, but Docherty received very little attention racking up 26 possessions and 8 marks per game across half-back.

Will that change, given his brilliant 2016?

Let’s hope not!

Value: **

If he receives no attention and if he can continue with his form from late 2016, Doc may push that average north of 110. That’s a lot of ‘ifs’ but Docherty is only 23 and has yet to go backwards in a season.

There may be some value there!

Overall: ***1/2

Only his price tag as the most expensive defender in 2017 will prevent him from starting in every Supercoach team.


Doc’s a durable defender who is likely to hold his average in 2017. His Round 11 bye is annoying and he may receive a little more attention after a stellar 2016 but it is difficult to find many other negatives, other than those relating to the Blues’ draw.

While the draw holds few surprises early, the Blues do finish with away matches to West Coast and Sydney, split by the Hawks at home in the final 3 weeks. Not that playing top sides hurt Doc’s scoring in 2016 with his worst scores coming against Fremantle, Essendon, Sydney (at Etihad), Brisbane (twice!!) and Collingwood.

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6 thoughts on “Player Review: Sam Docherty”

  1. Didn’t see Doc get a lot of attention in 2016. No doubt that’ll change this year but nevertheless he was one of my first picked.

    On the other hand, Simmo’s going to need to prove himself.


    1. Thanks Motts.

      Hopefully Carlton are poor enough in 2017 that most teams don’t bother tagging Doc, Murph or Cripps!

      I reckon I’m starting with Doc but I agree: Simmo can wait until post-bye.


  2. As much as I rate the bloke, I don’t know if I can justify spending close to $600k for a defender. He’s in and out of my side at the moment.



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