Player Review: Shaun Atley

Written by Thommo on January 31 2017


Dob: 13/09/1992

Team: North Melbourne

Position: Defence

Supercoach Price: $353,400

2016 Average: 64.95

2016 Games: 22

Bye Round: 12

Past (2015-2012): 66, 72, 73, 71


Age/Durability: *****

Atley has barely missed a match since his debut season so he is not much of a risk.

2016 Form: *

With such a low average across his entire career, you are probably wondering why he is even being reviewed. After years of talk about Atley moving to the midfield, it finally looks to be happening with him training with the midfield group this pre-season.

His pace is perfect for a wing so can he finally break out with a 90+ SC average?

Consistency: *

Either playing loose in defence or manning up a small forward, Atley has never been a big ball winner, his best disposal average being 19 per match in 2012 and 2014.  In that role, he fluctuated wildly between 30s and 80s.

Ceiling: *

I know this is starting to look bad for Atley!

His best score was 91 in 2016 and he has only scored over 100 on 6 occasions in his entire career with a high of 111.

Tag: *****

The only good thing about his history is that he won’t receive attention any time soon.

Value: *****

This is all about possibility. If Atley can rack up the possessions on a wing he could become super-relevant but we won’t know until we watch the pre-season competition.

Overall: ***

He’s cheap and durable, under-rated factors in Supercoach, but that’s about all the good I can say at the moment.


With the enforced retirements, Atley is finally going to be moved to the wing where he can use his pace to break the lines. He has never been a big ball winner but surely that will change with his new role.

Add to that North’s great draw which should make them competitive in 2017. The Roos have 13 matches at Etihad, 3 at Blundstone and 1 at the MCG and they only travels to WA once (Fremantle), Gold Coast once and the GABBA once. The only other interstate match is against Hawthorn in Launceston with the exception of their sold matches in Hobart.

AM I crazy and wasting my time with Atley or is there something there?

Are you considering Shaun Atley?

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13 thoughts on “Player Review: Shaun Atley”

  1. I watch a lot of football and my first thought was “Who the hell is Shaun Atley?” :/ and fair enough, played 108 of the last 110 matches for NM!

    At $353k with an average of 70 over the last 108 games, you are asking for trouble. Is he going to bang out a 95 average and become a keeper along with the other premium defenders this season? Doubt it. I think best case scenario he averages 85 and makes a little over 100k, which is not worth a trade in itself and will be a player you are stuck with for most of the season as your hand is forced to make other trades.

    It’s a hard NO from me but as always Thommo, love your write ups!


    1. I did the same thing when I saw one of the Herald Sun guys (forget which one) name Atley in his first published SC team for the year. WHO?!? He’s not going to be a top 8 defender by year’s end and you can make just as much, if not more, from rookies who will fit much nicer into your salary cap.

      It’s great to see a proper write up about him, so much appreciated Thommo! He’s still the definition of “midprice madness” for me though.


    2. Thanks Huttabito and Fiona. You are obviously both correct, I was trying to mix it up a bit but Atley would be a big risk.

      The other defenders in the same boat are Vlastuin, Salem and Kolodjashnij. They could all step up this year so is there any interest in writing them up or srick to the staple defenders? ( Montagna tomorrow btw)


      1. I like the mix of reviews! It helps to properly think through those fringe players, especially for draft consideration. 🙂


      2. Of those 4 I’d take the punt on Vlastuin.

        Having said that he’s absolutely 0 chance of making my starting lineup.

        But always great to read some different viewpoints – players moving to new positions is one of the biggest ways to pick up a Supercoach Bargain.

        Thanks Thommo.


    3. I’m more interested in Hrovat who looks a likely midfield option (M/F) and is cheaper.

      Still unlikely to start with him, but might be a good draft option, given the loss of Wells, Boomer etc. Cheap dpp, certainly starved of opportunities (hasn’t had a real run since 2014) at the doggies, and at 22 years and 7 months is at just the right age to kick off.

      One to watch there with interest, along with Mason Wood.


  2. I’m a little more open to midpricers than most around here. My thinking is, if a player is underpriced, why wouldn’t you pick him? If Atley averages 90, he’ll get up close to 460K and then you can do a direct swap for a genuine fallen premium. You would need a bit of luck with the timing, but we all need a bit of luck in this game.
    Having said all that, I won’t be putting Atley (or any other North players for that matter) in my team this year. Going to be a hard year for the Shinboners I reckon.


  3. Atley is a definite NO for me.
    The reason being is that he doesn’t get enough of the ball and regularly kicks it to the opposition after a long dash out of defence IMO
    I am a North member so see quite a bit of him and there is just too many other better options.
    I am optimistic about a solid season from the Shinboners as our best 22 side looks quite good. The trouble will be should we get a few injuries as I don’t think the depth is there but then again one or two of our recent draftees could have a break out year.


    1. With players like Jed Anderson, Shaun Higgins and Waite, why would you fear injuries Shaggy? 🙂

      I agree on Atley though – he has the stink of Jesse Lonergan about him. Once a turkey…


      1. You are so unkind Thommo.
        Jed Anderson – the moral to the story is never trade with Hawthorn lest the ghosts of Jonathan Hay come back to haunt you.
        Shaun Higgins – pretty good pick up I reckon. Think he made all australian squad first year at North. But a burn man as far as Supercoach concerned.
        Jarrad Waite – the trade equivalent of Collingwood picking up Wells. Been okay and to think he was almost the highest valued forward after about 9 rounds last year
        I supposed we can always bring Benjamin Button (sorry, Boomer Harvey) out of retirement!!



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