Player Review: Touk Miller

Written by Thommo on January 11 2017


DOB: 22/02/1996

Team: Gold Coast

Position: Midfield/Forward

Supercoach Price: $428,900

2016 Average: 78.8

Games played: 18

Bye Round: 9

Past (2015): 73


Age/Durability: ****

Touk missed 4 games in 2016 with ankle and knee troubles but missed none in his first season. At age 21 at the start of the season he is on the young side for us to expect 22 games in a season.

Form: *

An average below 80 doesn’t scream “select me” although he perhaps deserves a couple more stars for his finish to 2016 when he averaged 100.8 over 9 rounds following a move to the midfield.

Consistency: *

With lows of 32, 38, 42 and highs of 112, 125 and 139 Touk Miller is certainly NOT the model of consistency, but what do you expect from a second year player playing half-forward flank? What makes for interesting reading is (again) his final 9 games of 2016 when he dropped a low SC score of 53 (from 24 possessions and a low disposal efficiency) but otherwise scored 5 tonnes, 1 score in the 90s and 2 scores in the 80s. This included an average of 26.6 possessions and 5.6 tackles per match in that streak.

Ceiling: **

With only 40 games of history, it is hard to rate his ceiling but Touk has crossed 125 on 3 occasions from just 7 centuries. It’s only a gut feeling, but Touk will pump out a few decent scores once he earns a full-time midfield role.

Tag: *****

Why 5 stars? Because nobody is going to tag him anytime soon.

Value: * or *****?

So here is the crux of the decision: Do you trust his 100 point average to finish the season or is he simply fools’ gold? If you trust his finishing form and you think he’s playing midfield in 2017, he is 20+ points undervalued.

Overall: ** or ***

2 stars if you think he’s playing forward, 3 stars if he’s playing midfield!


Look, I’m a fan of Touk and not because of the scores. He is a born leader who captained both the Calder Cannons and the Under 18 Metro Team in 2014 and if there’s anything Gold Coast need, it is leadership. If Rocket has any clue he’ll leave Touk in the midfield. At the moment he’s in my forward line.

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6 thoughts on “Player Review: Touk Miller”

  1. I think he is the unknown..

    GC need someone (besides the great man) to step up this year and he should really be that guy..

    Awkward $430k price though has me looking for other options, if I take him it’ll be as a last minute selection, with money in the bank aside as security.


    1. I agree that he SHOULD be that guy as he does the tough stuff and they need his leadership. The concern is Rocket who seems incapable of making a decision on who he wants in his midfield. His treatment of players like Hall was a big worry.

      So as much as I love this guy, in the end I’ll probably play safe with 3 premiums and rooks.


  2. Too many returning midfielders for GC this year, Touk will probably end up back in the forward line.
    At that price I’d much rather take Heeney, who is all but guaranteed midfield time after Titch’s leave.


  3. Not this year, but I do rate this kid. Maybe in a couple of years when GAJ has buggered off, maybe Miller will be the number 1 mid at the Suns and really SC relevant. But not yet.


  4. The good run of scores Touk had late last season were due to Rocket having no choice but to play him in the middle because of injuries. With Barlow, Lyons, Swallow, Hanley and the rookies (Bowes, Ainsworth, Brodie and Scheer) all in contention for midfield minutes who knows how Touk will be utilized.

    Too much unknown about how GC will line up to start Touk for me. Possible upgrade after his round 9 bye if he’s looking good.



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