Player Reviews: Dylan Shiel

Written by Thommo on January 17 2017

dylan shiel

Dob: 9/03/1993

Team: Greater Western Sydney

Position: Midfield

Supercoach Price: $539,200

2016 Average: 99.1

2016 Games: 21

Bye Round: 13

Past (2015-2012): 101, 94, 76, 75


Age/Durability: ***

2016 was an improvement on 2014 and 2015, with Shiel playing 21 from a possible 22 regular season matches, missing only Round 20 with a mild groin strain. 2013 was the only other year he managed to play over 20 matches (also 21) so hopefully he can string together 2 injury free years.

2016 Form: ***

After a breakout 2015, Shiel was expected to take the next step in 2016 but instead he flat-lined at a 100 point average. Statistically Shiel did build his ball-winning ability, increasing his possessions per game from 26 to 28 and his marks per game from 3 to 4. He also kicked 13 goals across the season but averaged a surprisingly low 3 tackles per match in the regular season (down from 4 in 2015) and often his ball-use let him down.

Consistency: ***

His average wasn’t great but Shiel was pretty consistent with only the one sub-80 score (a 72 in Rd 21 versus West Coast from 30 possessions), 4 scores in the 80s, 4 in the 90s and 12 tonnes.

Ceiling: *

This was what cost Shiel a strong average, with a season high score of 120. This was a significant reduction on his 2014 and 2015 seasons when he recorded 5 scores over 130 from 17 tonnes.

Tag: **

6 times Shiel had been tagged in the last 2 years (4 times in 2016) for 2 tonnes, 2 scores in the 90s, 1 in the 80s and a 48 against the Roos (Jacobs) in Round 12 of 2015. In that time only Jacobs kept Shiel below 24 possessions (11 possessions to be exact) but Shiel’s scores were lower when he was tagged due to a reduced disposal efficiency.

I’ve rated players based on their ability to score tonnes when tagged so Shiel didn’t rate well but at least he rarely bottoms out when under pressure. With GWS expected to explode in 2017, taggers will find Shiel even harder to tag.

Value: ***

This is all gut feel, but considering Shiel’s blazing start to 2015, he looks like a player who could comfortably average 110 across a season. Will I put my house on that prediction? Probably not…

Overall: **1/2

Shiel did nothing particularly poorly in 2016 but nor was he spectacular causing this poor rating. Apart from the decent consistency, the other positive was Shiel suiting up for 21 of a total 22 regular season matches.

Verdict: Shiel was popular last season as many Supercoaches expected him to take the next step and he certainly stepped up his possession output but poor ball use really cost him. With the Giants looking ominous Shiel should improve his ball use and may be a decent smokey for 2017.

He was disappointing in 2016 so does he deserve a second chance in 2017?

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  1. I’ll be passing on Shiel. It’s funny, I can’t think his name without singing it to the tune of Cold Chisel’s ‘Shipping Steel’.



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