Player Spotlight – Seb Ross

Written by Motts on February 13 2020

Seb Ross (MID, $530,900, BE: 98)

Up until Round 18 last year, Seb was having a so-so year.

Averaging 89.5 and priced at $427k, you wouldn’t have gone near him with a bargepole. But then this happened…

Over the final 5 rounds he averaged 126 and took his price to $559k.

It always pays to look behind the numbers to determine why they are as they are and with closer analysis we can see that in each of those games either Gresham or Hannebery was injured affording Seb more time on the ball.

In 2020, Gresham and Hanners will be joined by Dunstan (didn’t play a single game in 2019), Zak Jones and Brad Hill.

In this little black duck’s opinion, that’s going to mean Ol’ Seb’s going to struggle even more to get his hands on the pill. And I haven’t even mentioned Jack Steele, Jack Billings, Jack Bytel, or Jack Sinclair (seriously what is up with all the Jacks at St Kilda???)

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11 thoughts on “Player Spotlight – Seb Ross”

  1. I’m not sure what to make of him, he has done this two years in a row now.
    Tail end of 2018 averaged 125 over six.
    R23: 129
    R22: 103
    R21: 152
    R20: 158
    R19: 79
    R18: 129



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