Poll – All Rucked Up

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 11 2017

One of the trickiest lines all year…….the Rucks.  Goldy couldn’t find his feet early, Stef is struggling for pts with Archie Smith in the side, ditto for Grundy with big Mason Cox and all the while we missed Kreuzer’s rise to elite status.  Ignoring your own line-up for a moment, which three Rucks would be best for the last seven weeks of the Supercoach season?  Given Ryder’s form over the last month, I’ve added him to this poll as well.  Let your fellow Coaches know all about it……….


Which three Rucks would you most like to own for the last seven weeks?

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2 thoughts on “Poll – All Rucked Up”

  1. I voted Kreuzer, Goldy and Gawn.

    However, big Maxxy probably needs another week or two to gain some fitness, and he needs to get a few quality midfielders back into the Melbourne team.

    Ryder, Martin, and even Witts have claims.

    Just don’t trust Mummy not to break down.


  2. While I’dlike the spare trades to pull in Big Maxy, I’m rapt with my choice of pulling Kreuz in for big 211.

    Witts has also been a star this year in a very ordinary ruck season.

    Sean Darcy I would love to stop playing right now until 2018.



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