Poll – At Witts End

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 4 2017

Starting the season at $215k, Jarrod Witts was seen as a stepping stone option to a premium Ruckman.ย  With five tons and a further five scores over 90+, Witts currently has a 94.4 avg over all fourteen games.ย  I’m not sure anyone really thought we’d be asking the following question yet, here we are………Should current owners of Witts simply hold him for the last eight weeks?ย  Thanks to Bluey for asking the question in the Polling Station!


Is Jarrod Wittts worth keeping for the last eight weeks?

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9 thoughts on “Poll – At Witts End”

  1. Not trading. His 3 round average is better than Heppell, Sloane, Adams, Nank and Shaw and I’m not planning on trading any of them yet.


  2. He should be the last upgrade if trades permit, he’s durable and consistent. Fyfe and Shaw are bigger headaches than Witts…


  3. He’s done an amazing job to get me this far. But for only 40k into Gawn,it’s time to put your feet up and have a well earned break Mr Witts
    And yes I also have Shaw and Fyfe who are going no where for now


  4. Thanks for the pole guys ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it really comes down to how many trades you have and where else you could use them/have to use them due to injuries.

    For me (7 trades remaining) i think Gawn’s extra points (maybe 10-20 extra) aren’t worth the risk of being one trade short at finals and having to play a rookie on field. And who knows Gawn might not come back to form then you have burnt a trade for zero average point increase.


  5. Just a quick comparison between the two if we remove Gawns injury effected score (which I think is fair being he was off before 1/4 time)
    Witts played 14 at an av of 94
    4 scores under 90. / 2 scores over 110.
    High score of 115 / Low score of 72.
    Gawn played 4 at an average of 112.
    0 scores under 90 / 3 scores over 110.
    High score of 128 / low score of 96.
    I’d say the numbers suggest barring any future injury concerns a Witts to Gawn trade has every chance of netting you an extra 20pts a game. 20 x 8 weeks =160pts. So the question may be is 160pt gain worth a trade?
    Personally I’d say yes but this maybe different for different coaches



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