Poll – Beams Me Up

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 28 2017

Jack & Muzz requested a poll on Dayne Beams in our Polling Station on Monday.  Help them find the best replacement around the same price………

For those that held onto Dayne Beams (currently over 40 000+ Coaches) after his initial injury in Rd6, they were handsomely rewarded upon his return with scores of 132, 127 & 146.  A 66 against Port Adelaide in Rd13 was seen as a slight anomaly before Mumford used his ample frame to knock Beams’ shoulder out of place.  An AC-Joint injury is set to keep Beams out for 3-4 weeks.

For whatever reason (low on trades and/or cash) you’d prefer to do a straight swap from Beams to another MID in the same price range (Beams currently $512k).  Who is the best MID option under $520k at the moment?


Which thrifty option is best to replace Beams? (four choices)

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5 thoughts on “Poll – Beams Me Up”

  1. Dylan Sheil. $527.200.

    3 round ave 123. BE 44.

    2.6% ownership.

    I was looking at Bont ,Cripps and Sheil last week. they all went big.

    I went lloyd for value as want to get Gawn next week.

    I’m leaning towards The Bont this week. although he is more popular, I feel he is less injury prone.



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