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Written by The Salamander on April 13 2021

A nightmare game for Caleb Daniel that saw him post a score of just 19 on the weekend, as well as getting himself suspended,  has seen coaches wondering what to do with the defender.

What to do with Caleb Daniel?

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Has he struck again?

He scored 107, 66, and 96 across the opening three rounds, and the 66 was a result of poor disposal efficiency and clangers rather than him not getting the ball (28, 26, and 30 disposals across those three games). Saturday’s effort, by contrast, game from just 8 disposals. Was that just a bad day at the office, or was it a sign of a role change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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21 thoughts on “Poll: Caleb Daniel”

  1. The wind in the Ballarat game meant that both teams favoured getting the ball to longer kicks coming out of defence. The Dogs looked to have Dale and Williams run it out and kick it 70m rather than initiate possession chains, which meant less situations for Daniel to excel in. Hunter and Smith were also down (admittedly not as significantly so) on possessions compared to their usual outputs for much the same reason.

    Daniel is still a jet, will be better than this when he gets to play with a roof over his head, and isn’t worth burning a trade over. What is awesome is the prospect at getting him for $400k in a few weeks if you don’t already have him.


    1. Excellent points!

      I’ll reconsider what to do with my trades to do with Daniel. Daniel’s may end up as my D6 in my finished team and Laird as my eventual M8


  2. This is a tricky one, from memory the commentators were saying that he was being followed by someone. May have been young Dev Robertson?

    He is usually so consistent but 19 from a fit premo is just an absolute shocker, will bounce back you’d think.


  3. At that price I will happily trade him in.
    Your a good player when you can beat the Bont in the best and fairest.
    Daniel is a great rebounder and one of the best kicks in the AFL. His team mates want the ball in his hands. He is a champion player and you would expect him to bounce back.


  4. I’m holding him in the team as I’ve already made many corrective trades and I need to save trades for the later part of the season. If I had only made 1-2 in the first 3 rounds, trading him would have been more viable.
    If he was traded out, I’d likely want to bring him back in at a cheaper price, but that would be less than 100k difference I’d assume, therefore not matching that approximate 150k price per trade


  5. Very intriguing dilemma Daniel owners find themselves in this week.

    Just wondering who people think the best option is if I decide to trade him. Currently have Lloyd, Ridley, Laird, Short, Daniel and Chapman as my back 6.

    Probably looking at Bowes, Stewart, Houston or Jiath


  6. I’ve got Butters to deal with so I’ll be holding, but I’d probably hold anyway. He’s still one of the best kicks in the league and I consider last week to be an anonoononmnon…an aberration.


    1. It wasn’t that he played bad – he was moved into the forwards by Magnets … and Bailey Dale was preferred at the back – that is the concern to be on the watch for. The dreaded role change by Magnets …


  7. For me, I am trading (even as a dogs fan)

    My main reason is my average backline, premos of Laird, Daniel, Stewart as well as J.Clark & 2 rookies. I have Sharp & Highmore on the bench with no DPP to move Sharp.

    Ive got Butters up forward, who I can afford to cover this week and probably trade Dusty next week for him.

    Think I have settled on Bowes.


  8. Tell you what, I’m in a not to great position here thanks to the helmet. I’ve got no cover on my bench for DEF so it’s looking like I have to trade him out, and as well my rucks are Grundy, Flynn and Draper (held on to draper to upgrade him to gawn/POD later on, leading to me shooting myself in the foot this week and copping a donut). So unless I don’t go Gawn and pick any other ruckman, I can switch Werh to Jones and keep Daniel, but geez do I really want Gawn. But then again what if Flynn makes a return this week? As well, I could upgrade Daniel to Ridley who’s looking like the #1 DEF this year, rather than hope that Daniel is a top 8 DEF by seasons end. So many options to choose from and I’m willing to bet I pick the wrong one lol.


  9. It depends on selections elsewhere. With both Highmore and Kosi, I’m thinking one of those goes, Cox goes back, and Waterman in fwd. Can keep Daniel on the bench for a week.
    But as we all know, other unexpected dramas await to stymy my plan!!


  10. Sacked – he is cooked.
    No intercept Marks
    Very Few Kick ins
    Can’t win his own Ball.
    Other Players taking his Points – Dale , Williams Dureya

    He will frustrate you all year , it’s worth a trade to save the Frustrations.
    Get on Bowes !


    1. Caleb kick ins for first four weeks are
      1. 55% highest
      2. 56% highest
      3. 67% highest.
      4. 33% equal highest with Bailey Dale. Alex Keith 17%( first time taking kick ins this year) also Taylor Duryea 17%( was 22% previous 2 games.)


    1. If want to keep Caleb (since he is only suspended for a week), are you better off trading Highmore to Lachie Jones to avoid a donut? Since you will most likely bring in Jones next week anyway as he looks to be the best downgrade option around at the moment?


  11. Very interesting decision with the votes favouring trade however the comments are all reasonably in favour of holding – which they make some fair points for doing so. Personally I’m holding, can trade out Kosi for Jones this week to cover Daniel.


  12. Have had Daniel in my team the past couple of years and if circumstances were different he would be a hold for sure, but….
    If kozi, highmore & sharp aren’t named these are my options;

    TU: hold Daniel, L Jones for sharp. Waterman in for Fullarton.
    2nd donut in def 2 weeks running.

    TD: hold Daniel, L Jones & Chapman for sharp & kozi.
    Avoid donut – pay more for Chapman and more for waterman next week.

    Comment: Daniel to Bowes or Short
    L Jones in For Fullarton.
    Miss Chapman and pick up waterman next week after his first price rise.

    27 trades on hand.
    Would love some advice


  13. I’m trading Daniel to Ridley. Wouldn’t usually sideways trade, but Ridley looking like the #1 DEF and no guarantee Daniel will average 100-110 this year, which is what I expect when buying a premium. He just hasn’t shown the form/role so far after 4 rounds.


  14. Im leaning towards trading to Jiath. I’m not convinced Daniels is a keeper and he was my last defender selected.

    Some may think i’ve missed the boat on Jiath… the way i see it, if this was before Round 1 started and i had the chance to grab a defender with a good chance to finish with a 100 average for $399k I’d jump at it. So now’s my chance. Plus it frees up some money for an early upgrade.



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