Poll – Every Trade You Take

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 18 2017

Oh can’t you see?

You belong to me

How my poor heart aches

With every trade you take ๐Ÿ˜‰ (The Police)

In the search for the perfect team, many trades have been burned after 17 Rounds of Supercoach.ย  How many do you still have?ย  Enough to see out the season?ย  Or are you praying to the SC-Gods for minimal injuries already?


How many trades do you still have in hand?

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10 thoughts on “Poll – Every Trade You Take”

  1. Running with 6 atm, but probably going to use both this week. Still feel I don’t have enough with all the premo injuries happening


  2. Was on 6, will be on 4 now that Rocky has moved on. The rest of trades will be for LTI’s, praying that will be enough!


      1. Not as of now, but he’s such a huge liability at the moment, especially since we’re coming towards the pointy end of the season.


  3. Had 7 at the beginning of the week but Newman transformed himself into Hurley, which leaves 6. Will wait and see if Danger is selected before I make any other moves. This scares the bejebus out me
    1.Danger selected and is a late out.
    2.Danger not selected and doesn’t reappear for 3 weeks
    3.Danger selected while still hurt and pulls an 80.


    1. Pretty much everyone owns Danger anyway.

      I’m feeling Witherden and or Greenwood may be starting for many coaches this week.

      Danger has no bone damage, so should only miss one week if at all.


  4. Have 4 before i make trades but have pendles that needs to go. The problem is i only can afford someone for 515k with the best options being Wines, Hanners, a cheap Beams or Buddy via Yeo.

    Only other otpion is 2 trades to get more funds for Zerret. But im running low on trades in a chaotic season.


  5. I’ve had it with this year!
    Floundering in all leagues (and don’t even ask about overall), I’m burning my last two trades this week on Pendles to Jelwood & Newman to Hurley in a desperate attempt to make finals in at least one league.
    Although, I’m wondering whether I should ditch Rockliff instead of Newman.
    P.S. Rockliff is fast becoming my most despised SC player ever. Destroys me when I don’t have him, and destroys me when I do. For the last 3 seasons. FU Rocky.



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