Poll – First & For(Ward)emost

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 12 2017

The last stop in our search for the perfect team over the last seven weeks…….The FWDs.

It’s been a rough year in the forward line.  Only four players averaging over 100+ to date and two of them (Greene & Heeney) have missed parts of the season through injury & suspension.  Can we find a smokey for the last seven weeks?  A big POD?  Without consulting your current line-up, who would you most like to see in your side over the last seven weeks?  What’s the perfect forward line for the run home?  Can Yeo hold his 105avg?  Can Dahlhaus regain some form?  When will JJK get back?  The following poll is in order of current averages & the cut-off was an 88avg.  Let us know below, Coaches………


Which six Forwards would you like to see in your team over the last seven weeks?

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3 thoughts on “Poll – First & For(Ward)emost”

  1. It changes week to week.
    Yeo has probably been the only premium in forward line that I havent considered rage trading at some point this season, even the “first picked” forward in Dahlhaus is looking pretty shaky at the moment.
    Walters is actually looking pretty good for me considering all the other forward options, I brought him in the week he scored 49 and was kicking myself but since then he has scored 3 tons (including the 170) an 80 and a 95.
    Add that to the three tons he scored prior to the 49 and he has a had a great couple of months.



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