Poll: Gawn or Grundy?

Written by The Salamander on February 12 2021

I was initially going to do this in the same format as our Starter or Upgrade series of polls, but we all know that both are going to come back as starters. However, starting both will set you back just under $1.4 million, or 14 percent of your starting salary cap. No doubt many coaches will start both regardless of this, but others are bound to look for value. Which makes me think the following is probably a more useful question to ask:

If you could only start one, who would it be?

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5 thoughts on “Poll: Gawn or Grundy?”

  1. Using Gawn as the place holder as the money can be made if swapping him. Probably make the decision on which one to start after the first practice game, make sure they’re both 100% fit n firing.


    1. I’ve thought about this option, especially after plonking Pittonet at R3 last year.

      This issue with Preuss at 300k, is to warrant the risk/cash at R3, you’d need him to earn significantly more than a 130k rookie, who can pretty confidently make 150k. So, Preuss needs to earn 200k+ to make it worthwhile.

      If Preuss scores an even 105 every single week, it’ll take him to round 13 to make 200k. So, to make quick cash, you’re really banking on him knocking out a couple of 130s in a row, like Pittonet did.

      He’s definitely capable of that, but the issue is he has Grundy, Gawn, and ROB in the first 7 rounds, plus the improving Marshall and English.

      I think he can get to 450k pretty comfortably, and if Gawn or Grundy drop to 600k at the same time, that’s probably a win. But I don’t think he’s likely to make substantial quick cash.



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