Poll – Kelly v Cripps

Written by Motts on February 20 2020

There were a lot of comments on the previous poll saying that you wouldn’t waste time with a mid-$500k player because its too hard to pick when they’re going to break out.

Fair enough.

So let’s poll a couple of midfield Guns with a capital G. Format of the stats below is (price, 2019 average, 2019 games played).

Jelly v Crippa

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13 thoughts on “Poll – Kelly v Cripps”

  1. I’m starting both at this stage. Kelly is my risky MID pick, but he’s had a full pre-season for the first time in a few years and could just top the pile IF he plays every game. If he goes down, so be it. I just hope it’s not too early.


    1. You make a great point about Kelly having a full pre season for the first time in a while. Very tempted to jump on, however it would be at the expense of Danger.
      At this stage, who would you rather?

      Tu; J Kelly

      Td; Danger


      1. Tough one. I’d start Jelly. If he goes belly up, you SHOULD be able to trade sideways/down to Danger. If he doesn’t … your gamble should pay off in spades.
        Don’t think Danger’s output will decrease, despite him almost playing frogger this year; I counter that with him HAVING to spend more time in the middle this year (circumstances).
        A fit Jelly on the other hand could do anything. He certainly won’t go backwards as he hasn’t been fully fit for two years and yet still manages to pump huge numbers out = more potential upside.
        Neither would be the wrong decision though. Good luck!


      2. Olie, In my opinion, Cripps and Danger start.
        Cripps is Cripps and Danger is injury free and cheaper than ever. The toss should be between Fyfe and Jelly. Both have done full preseason, both have monster ceiling but both could go down anytime. There is also talk of slight role change for both . Jelly spoken about up there to move to the wing and Fyfe to give youngsters more midfield load.
        I have Cripps and will wait for the Marsh series to decide on Jelly or (Fyfe)
        Whichever way you go you cannot 100% predict injuries.


    2. If Kelly were able to keep himself on the park for longer (even by mummifying himself in tape like Cripps), then surely he scores more between the two?

      The problem is that I’m not sure he can… Hence why Cripps is currently in the team ahead of him.


  2. Both for me, Cripps has been pretty locked all pre-season,

    JKelly, Danger & Oliver have been fighting it out for 2 spots in my team.


  3. This is a classic case on two fronts.
    1. Ignore history and it will come back to bite you…Kelly injury history (Rocky in 2020 anyone ??)
    2. Its points that gets you places…Cripps 2342 v Kelly 1644 in 2019, despite both having similar averages.

    I’ll sleep much better with Cripps than Kelly. Even if I am wrong, by how much will that be ?? Not likely to be SC fatal.


    1. Yes Wighty- was going to say same and am finalising Points v Average article again from last year – it stands out markedly! BUT if you are playing H2H for cash leagues, Kelly may help you win more matches – whilst he’s on the park!!

      If you are chasing the dream $50K – the averages become irrelevant if the player has a history of injuries – problem is, we never know who will get injured! If we had that foresight we’d be on the lotto and not playing SC!! (Well maybe – no matter how much money you have, always room for SC!!!)


  4. Cripps is the contested clearance insider whist Kelly has the more rounded game and is more likely to have a 90 game than the 70 that Cripps has when down. Important that Kelly is having a full pre-season and can see both averaging 115+.

    Looking at Kelly’s 2017 season 21 games for 16 tons (7 being 120+ and 3 of those being 140+.) His numbers were very similar last season (15-11-6-2)

    Cripps last year 20 games for 13 tons (9 being 120+ and 5 of those being 140+.) His best season 2018 (22-16-9-6.)


  5. At this stage, and hoping that J Kelly can stay on the field, who would you rather as M5?

    TU: J Kelly
    TD: Oliver


    1. Oliver had a poor year in 2019 compared to 2018 although his average was only down by approximately 5 points. He was unable to convert his hundreds into the 120+ scores. He had 14 tons down 2 on season 2018 but was only able to convert 6 of those above 120. The previous season he converted 12 /16.

      The Dees midfield was a disaster last year even though Oliver, Harmes, Jones, Brayshaw and Viney played full seasons. Steven May averaged more kicks per game than the five with Max Gawn also averaging the same number . Think there on ball group is slow and Brayshaw’s role will be one to watch in the pre-season.



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