Poll – Merrett vs Mitchell

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 29 2017

38’s asked the question in our Polling Station on Monday and it’s been a popular theme in Trade Talk also………….Who would you rather trade in for your final midfield spot?  Zach Merrett (ESS) or Tom Mitchell (HAW)?

Both players are averaging 114 SC-pts after having played 13 games a piece.  In all honesty, there probably won’t be a lot between them in the run home either.  Since this is Supercoach though, every point counts and there is just the one spot to fill.

Merrett is currently priced at $$595 300 and has a BreakEven of 81.  His last three Rounds have produced an average of 131.  He is a little more erratic in his scoring than Mitchell but has managed six scores over 120+ (four games under 100).

Mitchell is dominating at his new club and is currently at $588 700 with a BE of 137.  While his last three weeks haven’t been as impressive as Merrett (106avg), Mitchell has only missed the ton in one game till now (85 against Geelong in Rd4).  He’s only gone over 120+ on two occasions but is always good for a consistent 105-115.

If you only had one more MID spot to fill, who would you take from these lads?


Who would you take to till that final MID spot?

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11 thoughts on “Poll – Merrett vs Mitchell”

  1. Tough one but looking at the fixture the Bombers have a better draw for the rest of the season and you’d think would win a few more games than the Hawks. Zerret for me.


  2. Z.Merrett for mine.

    If you watch the games and live scoring, T.Mitchell is one of the most frustrating players I’ve ever owned. If I didn’t, I would probably enjoy his consistent 105+. Merrett has the higher ceiling though so it always gives you an extra captain option.

    You really can’t go wrong with either in the end though. T.Mitchell averages 114.4 in losses and 115.2 in wins this year so it’s completely irrelevant for him. Z.Merrett on the other hand averages 117 in wins and 112 in losses. If they win 5 of their last 8 games where SC points are relevant, you’d be looking at 115.1


    1. Speaking of Neale, did anyone catch the SEN article of the 4 most over-hyped players?

      Had Neale in there, along with Sloan, Jacobs and Stringer. It was slamming in its assessment.



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