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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 16 2019

Alza asked about the Top players in each position during the Polling Station and we’re only happy to help……..

We’ve skipped the Ruck line…….Grundy is 3rd highest scorer at the minute while Gawn is 5th.  They’re averaging 15+ pts more per game than the 3rd highest scoring Ruckman (McEvoy).  Long story short……you’re losing pts each game that you don’t have Grundy and /or Gawn.

So…..onto the FWDs.  As stated previously, yesterdays points count for nothing.  Which of the FWDs will bring you the most points FROM THIS POINT ONWARDS?  You have six choices…….


Which FWDs will bring in the most pts from now until seasons end? (six choices)

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12 thoughts on “Poll – Most Pts FWDs”

  1. Hawkins likely to go massive against some if the weaker teams that Geelong has left to play. He’ll be up there on total points but a super risky selection


  2. On the other lines I’ve confidently voted for 4 or 5 seemingly standout candidates but here in the fwds it’s the two Geelong boys and then i’ve got no idea.


    1. My thoughts too RB. I went with Boak and Dunkley as my other two. Couldn’t pick 5 and 6. Literally no idea!


      1. After booting Dunkley and keeping Heeney earlier in the season i just couldn’t bring myself to voting for Dunkley.


  3. Forwards are always shambles…

    Boak AV 105 from here

    Heeney 95

    Dunkley 110

    Cameron 100

    Danger 120

    Daniel 100

    Mundy 95


  4. Had a realisation the other day that our language in SuperCoach circles is wrong when we are talking about things like this. We all talk about top 6 or top 10 players. Really, that’s not what we should be aiming for. In some lines the 12th best player could be only marginally behind the 4th best whilst in another line there could be a gulf between the top 3 and the rest. It feels like the forwards might be like that this season and there’s a few standouts, daylight, then a blanket over a bunch of others.


  5. Current forward Line
    Boak, Kelly,Danger Heeney. Rozee,Moore .
    As All Saints suggests, Danger belongs in the Fwd line,so I would think Dunkley and Mundy would need to be the upgrades, there’s not a lot to like in the forwards ,even with Heeney I’m hoping to have as an F7.
    I might look at the likes of Walters or Cameron as a definite F7 as the difference between their best and worst is vast. Would have to get them at the right price though. Mid to high 3’s I suspect. Looking at their current pricing , I’m clearly dreaming!



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