Poll – Neale Before Zod

Written by Schwarzwalder on January 5 2017

Lachie Neale is making my job really easy today.  I don’t have to talk him up much at all, his SC-numbers from 2016 reflect what a fantastic season he played.

Neale only missed the SC-ton in four of 22 appearances, two of which were still 90+.  For the entire season, Neale only missed having 25+ disposals in ONE game.  His secret to success is his tireless ‘in-and-under’ work which saw him rank 3rd in contested possessions & 4th in clearances overall.  Turning 24 this year, Neale surely has plenty of Supercoach glory to look forward to in the coming years.

It must be said however, that Neale was about the only Docker standing after their injury troubles in 2016.  The imminent return of Nat Fyfe could have an impact on his SC-output.  As a result, his starting price of $612 800 might be a deterrance for many Coaches.  How do you rate Lachie Neale?  Any chance of him being in your starting line-up for 2017?  Let us know below……….


Can Lachie Neale continue his elite form into 2017?

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3 thoughts on “Poll – Neale Before Zod”

  1. Neale’s stats do go up when Fyfe was out injured after round 5, but they were still looking like they were on an upward trend, even with Furl’s weird game plan.

    Neale Rounds 1 – 5 (Fyfe on ground)
    AVG: 105
    LOW: 92 in round 2 (only scored under 100 once) while Fyfe scored 157
    HIGH: 120 in round 4 while Fyfe scored 141
    Points per minute: 1.16
    AVG TOG (mins): 92

    Neale Rounds 6 – 23 (Fyfe missing)
    AVG: 114.88
    LOW: 51 in round 12 vs Bris (don’t remember what happened but 94 mins on ground says bad day at the office). Only scored under 100 3 times, with 51, 76 and 94.
    HIGH: 154 in round 22 vs GWS
    Points per minute: 1.15
    AVG TOG (mins): 99.7

    I honestly wouldn’t count him out with Fyfe back on board. His TOG went up with Fyfe missing (and the rest) but these two could prove to be Freo’s Dangerwood. So, Neafe. Fyle? Not quite the same ring to it…

    Still wouldn’t pick him before Fyfe though. 😉

    Also, keep up the movie references Schwarz! Love it.


  2. Big fan of Neale, had him from round 1 last year, just wondering if anyone knows how he’s travelling at the moment as thought he had some back issues?? Could be an upgrade option later on if he’s had an interrupted pre-season?



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