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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 8 2018

Alex requested this one in the Polling Station on Monday and we’re only too happy to help out.

We all have our own idea of how the ‘Perfect Team’ should play out.  Part of the trick is getting the right players in at the right time.  Which of the following players (under 15% ownership) should we prioritise getting into our teams?   Which players should we consider first?


Which players should you be looking to get into your team first? (three choices)

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14 thoughts on “Poll – Priorities”

      1. how about choices across the lines? And some thoughts on the values of when to trade out rookies or hold … better to wait on that last premium mid for instance and do the other lines … that type of scenario??

        Good thread though Schwarzy!! Bye Planner on your email mate!!


  1. I cannot remember a time being more undecided about an upgrade. I have Fyfe, Mitchell, Cripps and Cogs. I am waiting for Danger and Dusty to bottom out. The plan is to target Oliver and Crouch over the next two weeks.

    BUT Macrae has thrown a curve ball.

    UP – Do I stick to the plan and let Macrae go?
    DN – Do I get Macrae and sacrifice the spot of Crouch / Dusty / Danger / Oliver?


      1. Danger for now. If you only have four MID premos now, your M7/8 trades are still a few weeks away.
        Personally I would get Macrae before he balloons in price, ie NOW, Crouch next week if you can while he is still relatively cheap. Then assess on a weekly basis from there.
        Good luck with it.


    1. Curious as to why no-one like the idea of Darling? Averaging 99 with a score in the 40’s in there, playing for a very good side that I can’t see dropping off, and apart from that score in the 40’s previously mentioned, has been very consistent. Add to that an ownership percentage of less than 2%, and I’m strongly considering him!


      1. You answered you own question. He scored in the 40s. I really don’t want to spend the money on a premo that will deliver the occasional 40.


        1. In the forward line though? You kinda have to take that risk, as most forward premos will throw in a stinker every now and again. Jesse Hogan, the 6th highest scoring forward, has scored a 36. David Mundy, the 7th highest scoring forward, has scored a 53. A large amount of us select Sicily in our sides, as well as Greene in previous years, despite the fact we know they’ll eventually get suspended and score a 0. Even Buddy throws in the occasional 40, as he has this year. With forward premos, unless they’re getting consistent mid time, you just have to ride the rollercoaster. Although Darling has had a score in the 40’s, he also has had 4 of 110+ (112, 120, 112, 132). If the good scores outweigh the bad ones, it can be worth it.


        2. Agree…that’s why you avoid key fwds…except Buddy when fit. They can kill your season with one bad week.



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