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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 9 2018

Big Sticks requested this one in the Polling Station on Monday and it’s an interesting proposition.  Is there a ‘correct order’ for trading out your rookies?  Of course it will differ from team to team, depending on which rookies are still available.  Take a look at the list of rookies below (in no particular order), given with their BreakEven for Rd8.  Tell us which five Rookies should be considered ‘high priority’ to be traded ou this week……….


Which of these rookies should we be trading out first? (five choices)

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17 thoughts on “Poll – Rookie Trading Order”

  1. Waterman?

    I’m thinking of pulling the pin on him this week (mainly cos I’ve got no one else who’s calling out to be traded)


  2. unsure what to do?
    I have 22 trades/ 5k/ sitting 3000ish
    Projected to get 2405 this week, but suspect of that considering some I’ve my premo’s need big score to achieve that.
    With no urgency or good rookie on bubble this week my question to you guys is.
    T/U trade a fat cow to a rookie double downgrade for cash/ bank

    T/D save trades til next week or beyond


      1. Took Spargo in first game, gamble but knew he was a pretty good player.
        Yep Ronke agreed, but not sure on JS.


  3. I had been thinking of trading Holman this week until I read on this wonderfully informative site that due to his round 10 bye, he will make good cover over the 3 bye rounds. Food for thought. I will be bringing in Spargo this week, trading out either Finlayson, Brayshaw or Barry. Cash generated will be for either Macrae or Crouch next week. Or do I bite the bullet and get Crouch this week also?

    TU- trade out Finlayson / Brayshaw / Barry for Spargo only, one upgrade next week
    TD – trade out Finlayson + one of Brayshaw / Barry for Spargo & Crouch this week


    1. I wouldn’t get Macrae next week.

      Probably priced a bit over already due to that 180. You’d pay it if you feel like you don’t want to miss out on his points but I feel like next week you will be paying too much of a premium for him.


        1. If only I had more cash then I could do Spargo & Macrae this week. Other options for this week :
          TU – Finlayson & Brayshaw OUT for Spargo & Crouch IN, & wait on Macrae until after byes, or
          TD – Finlayson & Devon Smith OUT for Spargo & Macrae IN
          Considering D Smith as I have no forward rookies ready to trade out yet. But option 1 does open up my Mid/Fwd link which would be very handy


        2. I think it’s worth waiting, once the 189 leaves his BE calculations he should drop a long way and be at an affordable price for RD13


  4. Worth holding onto Finlayson? If Lobb and Cameron set to return he could go back to busting out 80’s. I’m more worried about his score leaving the team than his value at the moment


  5. Is ed richards low in the results because
    T/u he isnt as high a priority to trade out As other rookies
    T/d most people who voted dont have him in their team


  6. Stevenson and Holman out for me this week. Not that they been too bad just wanna make cash and upgrade..



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