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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 11 2019

Mick wants to know if he’s alone in going early on Sydney Stack (RIC) this week.  The kid was impressive on debut against GWS and looked right at home at senior level.  As always though we still have a 2nd week to have a good look before his price changes or, heaven forbid, he gets injured.  Is he already in your plans for Rd4?


Are you moving early on Sydney Stack (MID) this week?

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14 thoughts on “Poll – Stacked”

      1. Gold Coast rookie back in 2015 sucked us all in he scored 103 everyone traded him in then he backs up the score with 36 and wasn’t seen for another 9 weeks in the senior side.


  1. Hope Salamander doesn’t mind me using his piece. This is a section from his ‘Scoring anomalies’ article this week.

    “”Meanwhile, in the same match, Sydney Stack racked up 108 points for 17 disposals (6 contested) at 82 percent DE, no clearances, 3 tackles, and a goal, which does seem a little high. Still, those who watched the game seemed to be very impressed with the young man, so perhaps Champion Data awarded him points for some stats we don’t have access to?””

    As a Richmond supporter I have to agree, he did all the right things and I was thoroughly impressed with his game. The score seemed a little high though.

    Unless you’re forced into making the early trade then wait. Imo


          1. Looking over his stats he had 5 score involvements and 10 intercept possessions. Not quite sure what qualifies for each but maybe more points gained from these.


  2. I cant see any scenario where you would be forced to move on stack this week. Say gibbons or someone gets dropped, you’re still not going to start stack on the field so why need him on the bench? Wait until he gets named next week first. Who knows what will happen, could get hurt or stink it up and wont even see a third game


    1. Fyfe out and Scott out means that people are looking for someone else to field in the mids. Gibbons and Atkins both look to be bad on field options. I can see people feeling pressured into going early on Stack hoping for a repeat of last week.


  3. Why wouldn’t you just wait another week?

    Allows you to extract a bit more cash out of whichever rookie you’re offloading (Gibbons or Scott most likely) and you can guarantee that Stack will be named for his 3rd game.

    Take it easy, I say.



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