Poll – Top 8 Mids

Written by Thommo on June 8 2018

We’ve polled which forwards and backmen we need for the run home so we only need to poll the mids to finalize our projected best 22.

In case you were wondering, I am not doing a ruck poll as Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn are so far ahead of the other ruckmen that I am calling it. If you want the best 22, you need both those ruckmen!

For the next 12 rounds, which midfielders will score the highest?

Who will be the Top 8 midfielders from now on? (8 selections)

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One thought on “Poll – Top 8 Mids”

  1. Good to see I have 7 of the top 9. Just need Danger (after his bye). Would love Treloar too, but reckon Cogs will go again with Kelly back. Slight concern over his concussion, but surely two straight weeks off should be enough for the hardnut to fully recover.
    Might even consider Macrae OUT for Treloar if it looks helpful down the track. Can Macrae keep it up til Rd23? History says yes, but watching him play, I’m not so sure.



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